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professional light/siren system for sale

For Sale: Light/Siren system SmartSiren SS2000SM-SD Retails $1085 Whelen fully loaded light bar Retails $2895 Whelen Super LED directional stick Retails $485 SpeedTech LED flasher's Retails $250 100watt Siren Retails $55 Total's $4771... will sell for $3800 Jotto Desk laptop stand Retails $280... will sell for $200. Fits 02-08 Dodge Ram.


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Deputy Chief's POV light & Siren install
Original GE power call, with a Whelen smart siren.

Pov Response
I rode with the Asst. Chief of MFD. We ended up getting about 15 plus calls. This was during Hurricane Irene.

Alarmierung E57 Sirene + Volle Wachausfahrt FF Großwechsungen (HD)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Feuerwehr-Fans/504845509550766 -Am 27.10.2013 kurz vor halb 6, wurde die Freiwillige Feuerwehr Großwechsungen zu einer THG (Technische Hilfeleistung Groß) alarmiert. Hier sieht man die Alarmierung durch die E57 Sirene, und die Komplette Wachausfahrt. Ich bedanke mich auch bei den 2 Kameraden die in Tanklöschfahrzeug und den 1 Kamerad der im GW-s gegrüßt hat. Link zum Bericht: http://nordhausen.thueringer-allgemeine.de/web/nordhausen/startseite/detail /-/specific/Schwerer-Verkehrsunfall-unweit-der-B243-1031666933 Fahrzeuge in der richtigen Reihenfolge: -Tanklöschfahrzeug (TLF) 16-24 Tr. (Florian Großwechsungen 21) -Löschgruppenfahrzeug (LF) 8/6 (Florian Großwechsungen 42) -Einsatzleitwagen (ELW) 1 (Florian Großwechsungen 11) -Gerätewagen-sonstige (GW-s) (Florian Großwechsungen 59)

toyota tundra led lights day time
same as before but in day

Available in single or dual colour (blue, amber, red, white or green) Available in a variety of sizes as well as additional options Can be manufactured with a siren and 100w speaker in the centre Contains a total of 48 x CREE 3 watt LEDs ECE R65 approved in both amber & blue Magnetic version is 'Dekra approved' up to 146mph (235kph) Despatched from factory within 5 working days 5 year warranty Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Redtronic

Emergency Vehicles Responding Collection
This is a collection of clips previously uploaded. Enjoy. 1-Simsbury ladder 11 2-Danbury Ambulance responding from Hartford Hospital. 3-Danbury Ambulance responding to Hartford Hospital. (like 2 minutes earlier.) 4-Uconn Fire Rescue EMS Squad & AMR in Farmington, CT 5-AMR in Hartford 6-Avon Assistant Fire Chief 7-AMR in Plainville 8-Hartford District Chief 9-Aetna Ambulance Sprinter in Hartford (needs better lights) 10-CT State Police on 84 11-Campion Ambulance in Farmington, CT 12-Avon Heavy Rescue + boat 13-AMR in Hartford 14-AMR in Plainville 15-Avon Police 16-Avon Engine 10 17-Hartford Ladder 6 18-Campion Ambulance in Hartford 19-Aetna Ambulance Sprinter in Hartford 20-Uconn Health Center EMS Supervisor in Farmington, CT 21-Hartford Spare Ladder 2 & Engine 15 22-AMR in Hartford 23-Hartford Alarm & Signal Group 24-Aetna Ambulance in Hartford

[The Bravest of America responding Code 3] Fire Trucks,Police cars,ambulances code 3 collection
In this collection you will see different fire trucks,police cars,ambulances,.. responding from differerent Fire Departments and Police departments. This is also a small tribute to all the fire fighters , police officers and EMS crews all around the world. Showing in order: Denver Paramedics Ambulance 01 Patrol Car LAPD CODE 3 Engine 1 Beverly Hills Fire Department Rapid City Fire Department Medic 1 Patrol Car LAPD CODE 3 Spare Engine 27 + Rescue 27 LAFD Engine 18 + Tower 18 Clark County Fire Department Lightforce 27 LAFD Rescue 218 Clark County Fire Department Fire Chief - Battalion Chief Clark County Fire Department Rescue 2 Flagstaff Fire Department Guardian Ambulance Flagstaff HAMER 1 (HAZMAT) - Denver Fire Department Medic 10 - Page Fire Department with TRAIN HORNS Spare Engine 21 + Rescue 21 Glendale Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe LAPD CODE 3 Mini Attack 1 - Page Fire Department Ambulance Wyoming Medicall Center Code 3 Ambulance West Park Hospital Cody Engine 1 Rapid City Fire Department Rescue 18 Clark County Fire Department Medic 1 Rapid City Fire Department Denver Paramedics Ambulance 20 Engine 7 + Medic 8 West Metro Fire Rescue Engine 1 + Tower 1 + Battalion Chief 1 Denver Fire Department Denver Paramedics Ambulance Engine 1 Denver Fire Department Rescue 218 Clark County Fire Department Denver Paramedics Ambulance 23 Engine 11 Denver Fire Department Copyright: The Policefreak I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHT'S FOR THE MUSIC. Robbie Robertson - Shine you light 3 Doors Down - It's not my time I Believe Blessed Union of Souls

speed tech lights k force 47in
STL k force 47 in linear 120 watt Strobe kit Stl Z-4 surface mounts if you are looking for lights please email me at moonlightsupplyco@yahoo.com

Pov lights and siren and switch box
Everything in my Pov.

Gui50 - Sirene de Polícia no Carro? Temos também - Mostrando a Sirene
Fala ai Gente! Se quiser uma dessas, R$ 80,00 via Depósito Bancário ou Boleto e FRETE GRÁTIS!! ( PODE RETIRAR EM MÃOS ) Me manda um email: guillermohundadze@globo.com Se Gostou do Vídeo, Clique em Gostei e se Inscreva no Canal! PARCERIAS: Vai Comprar um Veículo? Consulte antes se já foi de leilão, se Possuí Restrições, se já foi Roubado, se Possui algum problema ( Para não ter surpresas após a compra ). Bateram no seu Carro? Consulte os Dados do Proprietário para Ações Judiciais ou para tentar uma negociação! Consultas Cadastrais por: Nome, CPF, Endereço, Telefone, Placa de Veículos: http://www.ghconsultas.com.br ( Mande o Código " Gui50 " por email " Antes da Compra " e ganhe 20% de Desconto nas consultas por Veículo. Nas Demais consultas 10% de Desconto ) --------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: Guillermo Hundadze https://www.facebook.com/guillermo.hundadze.5 Twitter: @ghundadz https://twitter.com/ghundadz Instagram: Guihundadze http://instagram.com/guihundadze

Federal Signal SignalMaster SS2000SM Flash Pattern Demo
Video I made of all the patterns available on the SmartSiren w/SignalMaster controls. This includes all normal, fast, and low power arrow patterns, as well as normal and fast warning patterns. Check out my other videos for more of the lightbar in action.

Code 3 Crash Persons Injured
Another Code 3 run.

STL Siren
Speed Tech LIghts Siren Demo.

Honda Rincon ATV Rescue Quad- Speed Tech Lights
Honda Rincon Rescue Quad outfitted with Speed Tech Lights and Siren. STL K-Force 27" Linear mini lightbar (all red) mounted on the front, and STL Sleek Grille-6 lights mounted in the rear. This extreme ATV is also equipped with a STL Vireo siren, and a 100 watt dynamic high range speaker. Speed Tech Lights is a quality company offering great products and superior customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing emergency vehicle lighting equipment.

EAGLE EYE Gen3 LED Visor Light

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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CRAIG FULMER, Engine: 400 CHEV SMALL BLOCK, Supercharger: DYERS 8-71 Tires: HOOSIER

1937 Fiat Altered AA/A: 7.770 @ 173.770
Andy Applegate, Engine: 439 chevy, Supercharger: BDS 871

1948 Fiat Altered : 8.370 @ 164.290
Mike Nelson, Engine: 500ci Ford,

1937 Fiat Altered blown fuel altered: 8.540 @ 172.440
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Matt @ Monkeywrench, Engine: Turboed 1zzfe, Turbos: MWR custom intercooled turbo system

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Jayson Alvarado, Engine: 2zz-ge, Supercharger: P6262

2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder : 11.855 @ 121.990
Franklin, Engine: 1zz, Turbos: precision GT3076 Tires: Nitto NT555R drag radials

2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder Hass Turbo: 12.662 @ 110.770
Jon Volk, Engine: 1ZZFE, Turbos: Hass Kit (Garret GT28R) Tires: Nokian 'Haqqa Q' Snow Tires

2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder Convertible: 13.225 @ 105.780
Carlos, Turbos: Hass Stage 2 Turbo Kit

2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder : 14.900 @ 90.800
Jonathan Volk, Engine: 1.8L, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: stock 205 width rear

2012 Mitsubishi Outlander ls: 15.420 @ 90.350
Nat Sanche, Engine: 3.0,

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT S-AWC: 15.610 @ 90.020
NA, Engine: V6: 230HP,

2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder : 15.700 @ 87.000
NA, Engine: Inline four, aluminum head and block,

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