professional light/siren system for sale

For Sale: Light/Siren system SmartSiren SS2000SM-SD Retails $1085 Whelen fully loaded light bar Retails $2895 Whelen Super LED directional stick Retails $485 SpeedTech LED flasher's Retails $250 100watt Siren Retails $55 Total's $4771... will sell for $3800 Jotto Desk laptop stand Retails $280... will sell for $200. Fits 02-08 Dodge Ram.

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Maxima VAS Volunteer Ambulance Police Lights Smart Siren Demo HD
This is a Maxima that has just been set up like a xmas tree! Very nice! Everyone will be moving out of the way for sure. Incredibly loud. nissan maxima police ambulance firefighter lights sirens cop fast first responder responding ems emt vas ny new york blue red smart siren federal signal whelen siren

Rockford Powered Police Siren In Justins Truck. At Audiotistics
Messing around after a ride to Slash X Cafe with a police siren Audiotistics Style. We wanted them louder so we amped it and added some speakers. lol

Installing emergency siren
Easy video showing how to install a simple siren Siren type: CJB100PD ($86.50) link below Speaker: 100 watt ($72.70) link below Vehicle: 1993 z71 Chevy ( classified ) SIREN---- aphone/Detail Speaker--- -EMS-Siren-PA-V915-/140836656705?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash =item20ca84d641&vxp=mtr If you have any question just leave a comment. Keep in mind that i only know about this siren type ONLY. So I can't tell you about other siren EXP: galls, Whelen, soundoff. E.T.C

Whelen Liberty Light Bar
Here's a short video showing how a Whelen Liberty LED Light Bar works. I have one for sale (less than half price!!)