Chevrolet Astro Van Jump

Before it goes to scrap we can't resist some fun...

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redneck rollercoaster van does wheelies Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now
redneck rollercoaster van does wheelies Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now

Van Conversion/Build Pt.1 - GoPro HD 1080 - (Van Life, GMC Safari - Chevrolet Astro)
Hi, I recently bought a 2003 GMC safari (Chevrolet astro) in Canada. It had relatively low mileage for it age and minimal amount of rust, which if very common here because the road are salted during the winter. I am currently turning the van into a camper van (van build/van conversion) to drive across Canada. Here is a short video of the steps I've taken so far. I'm no wizard, but giving it my best attempt to make it convenient, workable and comfortable. Don't hate if my way is different to yours, because the way I'm doing it is working so far. Leave some constructive criticism below or some love. Follow my conversion on here by subscribing, or following me on Instagram @ Steps taken so far: 1. Give the inside a thorough clean and take out any unwanted items. 2. Insulate the walls with Reflectix (see below for links) 3. Lay 6mm floor underlay on ground 4. Lay laminate, wood look flooring 5. Measure and cut wall and back door panels (use cardboard templates and trace if not skilled in this area) 6. Fix onto walls and back doors using 8x1 metal screws, pre drilling with 1/8 drill bit 7. Using a cut down, 2nd hand vanity, fit in behind seats 8. Install counter top using "L" brackets, fixing to underside of bench top 9. Build modified shelving to suit specific needs. Item listing Reflectix - Refelctix Tape - tml Floor Underlay - with-6mil-vapour-barrier.1000749177.html Laminate Flooring - nate-flooring-with-underlay.1000804157.html Ply Sheeting 9mm (3/8inch) - wood.1000173237.html

Mini Van HUGE JUMP!!!
Apparel - 15% DISCOUNT Code "Freeman408" Mark Freeman launching the mini van into space off a berm!

Astro Van scrapping Jumping Shot and Sledge Hammered
Safari van jumped shot and destroyed before taking it to the scrap yard. Music credit goes to