S13 sr20det Precision 5558 high boost DVS TUNING 385kw

High Boost 30psi power run made 385rwkw Tuned by DVS Jez

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Powertune Red Dragon vs Precision 5557S
Finally we step up the dragon to a Precision billet 5557S turbo. How much more can this stock engine take? 510hp @ the wheels with a turbo we sell for just over $1200! Time for the drags!

S13 sr20det precsion 5558, 11.1 @134mph WSID, DVS TUNING
First run at the drags since new motor and turbo and all new suspension, plenty more in the car the driver holding it back now... Built motor, Precision 5558, 385rwkw, Tuned by DVS TUNING

SR20DET dyno tuning 480hp street and 630hp drag engines 2004
This video originally appeared as a bonus track on Hard Tuned Imports 3. It shows Dyno tuning of a serious street car with 480hp at the engine from an internally standard S13 black top engine, then engine Dyno tuning of a fully built S15 race engine with an HKS T51R Kai turbo making 630hp. Back in 2004 this was about as much power as anyone had made from an SR20 engine. Of course now with VE heads allowing much higher rpm and E85 fuel allowing much more Boost the best tuners are seeing more than 1000hp, but it's interesting to see where things started out. Uploaded with the permission of copyright owner, Donnontech

50psi boost and into the 7s - SR20 Corolla
Michael Kalaitzakis' Quickbitz Toyota just keeps on getting quicker each week. The Nissan SR20 powered Modified Street Corolla laps consistently in the 7-second zone. Boosted by a Garrett GT42R turbo and Haltech methanol fuel system the car certainly sounds on song here! http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au