ECS Tuning: DIY - VW MKV Headlight Replacement

Replacement headlights can be found at: Replacing a headlight can be frustrating, here at ECS Tuning we try to take away all the frustration and provide you with the proper techniques on how to replace your headlight. This video shows step by step on how to remove and install a new headlight on your VW MKV GTI. This tutorial is provided as a courtesy by ECS Tuning. Proper service and repair procedures are vital to the safe, reliable operation of all motor vehicles as well as the personal safety of those performing the repairs. Standard safety procedures and precautions (including use of safety goggles and proper tools and equipment) should be followed at all times to eliminate the possibility of personal injury or improper service which could damage the vehicle or compromise its safety. Although this material has been prepared with the intent to provide reliable information, no warranty (express or implied) is made as to its accuracy or completeness. Neither is any liability assumed for loss or damage resulting from reliance on this material. SPECIFICALLY, NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY IS MADE OR TO BE IMPLIED WITH RESPECT TO THIS MATERIAL. In no event will ECS Tuning, Incorporated or its affiliates be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, arising out of the use of this material.

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How to replace headlight bulb for a Volkswagen VW GTI MKV, MK5 (late 2000s)
This video shows how to replace the headlight bulb for a 2007 VW GTI MKV. It is NOT necessary that you remove the whole headlight to replace the bulb. I only did so to be able to film it easily and show the details of what fits where. Once you know how everything fits together, it will take you minutes to change a bulb. But trying to figure out where things must be placed while the headlight is still assembled in the car can be difficult since your view is occluded and you must guide yourself mostly via touch. I provide this video as a tribute to the contributors of the golfmkv dot com web site. For years I've used that site to figure out how to change anything in my GTI. This is my way of giving something back to that online community. I hope this video saves you countless hours of trying to figure out how to change a bulb on a GTI.

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Tutte le foto e ulteriori approfondimenti potrete trovarli su: In questo video tutorial vi spiegheremo come fare per applicare al meglio il Plasti Dip su i fari posteriori di una Volksagen Golf serie 6, in questo specifico caso useremo del Plasti Dip Smoke come base e del Plasti Dip Glossifier come finitura lucida. Buon Video a Tutti!!!