Veículo: VW KOMBI 1970 - LUXO MOTOR BOXER AR 1.800 cc Vira 69 mm Pistão 90,5 Balancim 1:25 Comando W110 BOMBA OLEO 30mm com Filtro SONDA WIDE ODG MODULO PANDOO RODA FONICA ESCAPE 4x1 FULLMERGED ainda a ser instalado: SOBRE CARTER 1 1/2 litros Super Charge M24

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1776cc VW beetle motor
1776cc (69mm x 90.5mm) with dual 40 IDF Weber carbs. Engle 120 cam w/ performance lifters. 40mm x 35mm valves (044 heads). Tri-mil Exhaust. Oil/filter pump combo. Flamethrower II coil & points replacement. 009 distributor. 8mm performance plug wires. For a video of this engine running in the car, please click on the link below.

Rod Richardson Black Chopped VW Beetle on Dyno - 2276cc
Rod getting 162.8HP on the Dyno

Motor Fusca Itamar 2300 1º funcionamento. Performance By Maurício Lanna
Motor 2300 gasolina Podium, Taxa 10, Weber 48, eixo 82 mm EMPI, Kit 94 mm Mahle, Balanceiro 1,4 forjado Empi, Comando Engle Fk, Cabeçotes 044 CB Performance, Válvulas 44x38. Site do preparador:

Fusca 2300 injetado - Roda Fônica, Escape Inox German Racing (2276 fk8 beetle Fuel injected)
Beetle 2300 Fuel injected Case Rima with dual by-pass Jaycee Mag-plate sump 5.5 H-Beam CHEVY Journal Clevite Rod Bearings Schadek Oil Pump 30mm SCAT Lube-A-Lobe Solid Racing Lifter Bugpack Straight Cut Cam Gear SCAT Big Mouth O ring Sealed Push Rod Tubes Autolinea Max head (40mm x 37mm Valves) Valve Spring K Motion K800 Dual Chevy Size Chevy Style Spring Retainers Heads mounted by Pro-heads 1:25 Empi ratio rockers Engle FK8 cam Sportsystem oil cooler with fan SCAT 4140 Chromoly Cut To Length 3/8" Pushrods AA 94mm x 82mm pistons 82mm CB Performance Super Race Crank - 82mm Stroke - Chevy Journals Scat SUPER Heavy Duty Chromoly stud Ron Lummus Racing Black Magic clutch disc Clutch stock VW kombi Sportsystem Trigger Wheel Fueltech FT200 ECU Firepro 4s Trigger Wheel controller Bosch LSU 4.2 Wideband OSG Wideband controller Dual 44mm TBI 4 Bosch injector