SRT-4 DSP 93tune install

Video showing how to marry the DSP to an SRT-4 and load the perf 93tune on to the PCM. Click show more for the link to the complete guide. My complete guide to modding the SRT-4 can be found here:

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2005 SRT-4 Before/After DSP 93 tune
A lot more noticeable sitting in the car. can't see a whole lot on camera but you might be able to hear it.

Maddog Short Throw Shifter Installation (SRT 4)
This video goes over the installation of a Short Throw Shifter (STS) and its full assembly. These shifters can be ordered from and are available for many different cars. In this case, it was installed in a 2004 Dodge SRT 4. I love it and don't regret a thing, my girlfriend (who I am teaching how to drive a stick shift car) does not like it. So now I have to shift for her because she feels it is uncomfortably stiff. I shifted slower with it at first, but after a while (a day or two) I became just as fast as I was before. With more practice, I saved quite a bit of time in the shift and decreased my chances of hitting the crossover between 1st and 3rd gear. Hope you all enjoy and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Thanks to Mighty Car Mods for inspiring me to make a how to video of some of my mods. This video is done for demonstration/entertainment purposes and I am in no way responsible for any injuries as a result of improper installation or any monetary damage done to your vehicle.

Tuning fuel with diablosport intune srt4
Stage 2 srt4 tuning to get the afr to around 11.7, car has agp wastegate, full 3 inch Exhaust, 21psi Boost, meth injection, mopar intake

Derek's Dodge SRT4 Neon (one of a kind trunk) & Sweet Stance
My co workers ride. Im a Subaru guy all the way but I respect a sweet ride. And I really like this one. Not to mention that its louder then my ride o.O !!!!!!! I NEED more mods ROFL