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Fiat Punto and Uno racing at Mondello

This is at Honda Corner in Mondello, Ireland. It was one of those rare Irish summer days of sun. Sorry if it's bad quality, it's from my phone.


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uno race 26.04.09
Fiat uno race from mondello park 2009, on board with Mark Twomey

Fiat Uno/punto Race 2 Ulick Burke
Kirkistown Race Two. missing 4th gear 50% of the time. Results from Race Two 1st Anthony Connors, 2nd Sabrina O'Reilly, 3rd Paul Thornton, 4th Ulick Burke Roll on next round in mondello

Fiat Uno/Puntos Kirkistown 2010 Ulick Burke
Onboard with Ulick Burke in the first race of the weekend at kirkistown. Sabrina Reily, Paul Thornton, Coilin Clinton, Anthony Connors.

Cold start Fiat 780 dt -84 tractor
Trying to cold start Fiat tractor and succeed!

Fiat Punto- disassembly of inside plastics.
mk1 55

Cold start Ford Fiesta 1991 & Fiat Punto 2005

Fiat Uno race Kirkistown 1995.
Second generation 'Fiatnam' racing with the Uno model from Kirkistown 1995.

Chaning Brake Discs and Pads on a Fiat Punto
This Video Shows the basic steps needed to change the brake discs and pads of a 1999 - 2006 fiat Punto 1.3 diesel, although applies to all Fiat Punto cars with vented front brake discs Always exercise caution when working on the braking system of your car, and if you don't feel competent then pay a professional to do it for you. Visit our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/puntohowto For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/PuntoHowto

Formula Punto / Uno
Punto / Uno races ... First lap of the race in Phoenix Park 2007


FIAT 500 con motore Lancia Delta HF turbo Riprese e Montaggio - www.checkitoutproduction.com

Fiat 1.3 Multijet Diesel Engine Oil Change
Open this Box for more info and useful links How to service your, Fiat 1.3 Multijet Diesel Engine. How to Change the Oil and Oil filter, their are two oil filters depending on the engine you have fitted, the car shown is a fiat punto but the process is the same for all cars which use the 1.3 multijet diesel engine High quality engine oil http://goo.gl/2EjeAI Low quality engine oil http://goo.gl/TcjypE Engine Oil Filter http://goo.gl/OmUpHn beware there are two types make sure you know which you have. Tools 27mm Socket to open the oil filter housing http://goo.gl/E8dsqk 12mm Hex key to remove sump Plug http://goo.gl/PZNUpV Watch this Video through our Website with all useful links available right at your fingertips http://goo.gl/LWkwdS Check out our Facebook page and join our community https://www.facebook.com/PuntoHowTo

Fiat Uno @ Mondello
On board with keith rabbitt in the fiat uno.

Fiat Punto Oil and Oil filter change 1.3 litre Multijet Diesel
This is an Updated version of our 1.3 Litre multijet diesel oil and oil filter change video for the fiat punto, this also applies to many other cars that use this engine including the fiat 500, grande punto, panda, qubo, doblo, and vauxhall corsa and astra, may also be applicable to the new Fiat 500L with the 1.3 diesel engine For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/PuntoHowto

my 1st race in mondello park

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1997 Fiat Punto GT: 11.593 @ 121.000
Prodromos, Engine: 1600, Turbos: Garrett 2871 Tires: 24X8

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1994 Fiat Punto gt: 12.274 @ 117.740
Csak Zsolt RSP, Engine: 1.4 8v, Turbos: garrett T3/T4 Tires: matador 200/510 R13

1990 Fiat Uno turbo: 12.500 @ 121.000
Tessitore Gaetano, Engine: 1600 cc., Supercharger: ---- Turbos: C.B.B. Garrett T5 Tires: Toyo 185/55

1990 Fiat Uno Turbo i.e. Hormann: 12.910 @ 115.600
TurboCrime, Engine: 1.6 liter - twin cam 8 valve, Turbos: Garret T04E Tires: Marangoni ROAD tyres

1996 Fiat Punto GT: 12.994 @ 107.500
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TurboCrime, Engine: 1.6 liter, Turbos: Garret T04E Tires: Marangoni ROAD tyres

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andrew kalianos, Engine: stock, Turbos: td04 Tires: toyo r1r

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Rafi, Turbos: KKK K04 with T2 turbine Tires: Yokohama A005

2010 Fiat Punto abarth: 14.000 @ 92.000
andrew kalianos, Engine: stock, Supercharger: stock Turbos: stock

1995 Fiat Punto GT: 14.227 @ 101.000
ThisisMartin, Engine: 1581, Turbos: Garrett TB2209 Tires: Slick Markgum

2008 Fiat Punto T jet: 14.971 @ 96.000
andrew matsas,


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