DSM Shootout Dyno Day and Shop Meet

15th Annual DSM Shootout meet at Buschur Racing and Dyno Day - Footage from the meet, review of cars and Dyno Flash Evo 8 wins the Dyno Contest

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STOCK BLOCK Dsm 4g63 record!!! Ostar Motorsports
Thanks to all who made it happen!

DSM Meet Scottsdale Pavilion Car Show
2005 Meet

DSM Aluminum rod race motor first start up
First start up of my R&R/Wiseco HD race motor. Tuning the setup tomorrow and hitting the track later this week.

Evo Meet - Johnson City, TN
Had a few Evo's from the local area meet up, got a bit of video so I edited it and this is what I came up with. Will be having another one in a few weeks with more people invited, so I should have another soon!