DSM Shootout Dyno Day and Shop Meet

15th Annual DSM Shootout meet at Buschur Racing and Dyno Day - Footage from the meet, review of cars and Dyno Flash Evo 8 wins the Dyno Contest

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A little compilation of the pictures I took while at the 2010 Buschur Racing DSM Shootout in Norwhich OH. Day 1 was the car show at Buschur's along with a Dyno day. Day 2 was race day at Summit Motorpark.

15th Annual DSM Shootout
15th Annual DSM Shootout presented by Buschur Racing

20th Annual DSM EVO Shootout 2012 Part 1

15th Dsm Shootout prep day # 2 - Dyno Tuning
Testings some cars on the Dyno - magazine feature on the last BR350 - testing parts, fuel quality issues