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The Honda CL72 (250) Scrambler, introduced in 1962, launched a new category of dual-purpose motorcycle. It had a sturdy cradle frame, increased ground clearance, upswept Exhaust, and larger wheels. The first real test for the Scrambler came in March 1962 when Dave Ekins, a pioneering off-road racer and Bill Robertson, a Honda dealer, set the 1000 mile Tijuana-to-La Paz, Mexico record riding Honda CL72 Scramblers. It wasn't long before Scramblers were being modified for racing. Aftermarket race parts were soon available. While maybe not the fastest of race bikes, the Honda Scrambler did make its mark, all while being one of the best looking and sounding bikes on the track.


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BMW R1200 R | A Scrambler Motorcycle for Lazareth
A Scrambler Motorcycle for Lazareth based on a BMW R1200R. Team : Ludovic LAZARETH - Designer Manager & Mechanic Jean-Thomas MAYER - Transportation Designer Julien FESQUET - Transportation Designer Cédric COLLAO - Mechanic Franck PALENI - Workshop Manager & Painter Loïc GODEFROY - Engineer Sylvain PIOTTE - Assistant Engineer Follow Lazareth works: https://www.facebook.com/lazareth?fref=ts

バイク見聞録 ホンダドリームCB72 スーパースポーツ
ホンダCB72が発表された時のキャッチフレーズは「トッ で70km/h以下では走れません」というモータースポーツ を挑発する刺激的なものでした。程度バツグンのCBナナ ニイです。

1966 Honda CL77 motorcycle 305 scrambler running
My CL77 running on May 18, 2011

Pristine 1966 Honda 305 Scrambler CL-77
Frame up restoration. One of the most popular Motorcycles of the 60's

HONDA DREAM CL72 SCRAMBLER Airstream ホンダ バイク vintage
HONDA DREAM CL72 SCRAMBLER ホンダ ドリーム CL72 スクランブラー 本田 オフロード CB72 1967 Vintage Airstream Globetrotter  エアストリーム

Epic Dirtbike Fail Compilation 2014 *NEW
Epic Dirtbike Fail Compilation 2014

1965 Honda CL72 250 Scrambler CL72.MOV
This was taken in Illinois in October of 2011. You know the story... Had one just like it in high school back in California in the late 60's that I painted a rattle can Candy Apple Red. This was owned by a guy in Indianapolis, Indiana who was drafted, went to Vietnam and was killed in action. His dad wanted to keep his connection to his son so sold it and gave it away several time over the years with the understanding that he would have the first right of refusal when it was time to sell. About 2000, at age 81, he was ready to move on and offered through the local VJMC chapter to give it away. I went to look at it and took him up on the offer. It was in pieces, but was about 90% complete. This is the speedo from this bike and I believe milieage may be original. Lots of collecting, horse trading, several reads of Bill Silver's restoration guide and several years later, it was running. It is a 1965 and I went to great lengths to keep every piece original.

HONDA CL72 1964年式
1964年式のタイプ1です!! 愛知県尾張旭市にあるバイク屋「ニュートラル」です。 商品車を中心に動画を撮影していますが、在庫の有無は ホームページからご確認ください。 http://www2.odn.ne.jp/neutral/used.html

2011 10/23 ON ANY SANDA Classic Motocross

HONDA CL77 TOKYO Road test
説明HONDA CL77の走行テストと車載カメラのテスト。

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Honda CL72 Scrambler 250 HONDA DREAM CL72 SCRAMBLER
Honda CL72 Scrambler 250 HONDA DREAM CL72 SCRAMBLER


兄がH25年4月に手に入れた50年ほど前のCL72  その排気音を兄の家で録音してきました。 CL72は42年前 私が16歳で二輪の免許を受ける時に 当時も兄が 一度所有していて 兄に広場で練習させてもらってたな つかしいバイクです。   写真はネットで集めたものも含まれております。

Honda CB450 Black Bomber. www.netbikes.com.au
Honda CB450 Black Bomber , see full article at www.netbikes.com.au

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