dmitri millard 10.88 fuel only

dmitri millard racing at firebird raceway on fuel only.

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Dmitri Millard hitting 1940hp
On the first run he hit 1824hp on fuel, then he pulled out the nos bottle. During the second run the Dyno stopped reading halfway through. There was still a lot of usable rpm it didn't read. However, the truck lived to run another day. So close.

dmitri millard 10.74 spray
dmitri millard racing at firebird raceway on fuel and spray

Dmitri Millard duramax, named overkill. Industrial Injection sponsored this truck. This was at the Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout 2013

Dmitri Millard Built Allison Transmission
2003 Crewcab Shortbed LB7 with a lift pump and basic supporting mods with a built trans by Dmitri Millard and a Goerend Converter. Truck flat out hauls the mail and spun till about 60mph. Trans is absolutely perfect