Camaro concept vynil tuning + Race

here is the tuning of a chevrolet Camaro concept. The song is written in the video credits. Here is the different steps of my tuning : Vynil Layers: -=Side=- 1, 2 & 3 : shape #18 , Red 4 : Tribal #47 , Red outside, black inside 5 : Muscle #17, Red 6 : Team #36, Red 7 & 8 : shape #18, red 9 : Shape #4, Red 10 : Shape #4, Black 11 : Muscle #7, Red outside, black inside. -=Hood=- 12 : Shape #27, Red -=Car back=- 13 & 14 : Shape #27, Red Aftermarket decals : Hood : Decal #71 (HRE), Red Bacl window : Decal #126 (Sparco), Red Enjoy

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Shelby GT500 Vynil tuning + Drag Race
Here's a tuning of a shelby GT500 vynil-tuned by me. The song is written at video credits. Enjoy

Bmw M3 (e92) Vynil Tuning + Race
The tuning of a BMW M3 :) It's a competition between me an mike1the1great, to see who's got the best M3 ^^ So check it out :p VOTE ENDING : I have received 40 votes, Mikes received 6 votes. Thanks for voting everybody ^^ And Well done to Mike

Need For Speed ProStreet customized cars
My Need For Speed ProStreet garage.There are 8 customized cars in this video: 1)Nissan GT-R [R35], 2)Chevrolet Camaro Concept, 3)Ford Shelby GT500, 4)Pontiac GTO '65, 5)Lexus IS350, 6)Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 7)Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, 8)Audi S3. Music: Live - Lakini's Juice Hope you'll enjoy it! Thanks for watching! :D

Nissan skyline (R34) Vynil tuning + Race
Here's a skyline vynil-tuned by me. It looks like a machine with screws, nuts, rivets.... And the race is not that good, i agree with you, but the #@!$x skyline won't turn !! lol