golf gti mk1 part 4

ed china and mike brewer

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Golf gti mk1

VW // Golf MK1 - R32 Bi-Turbo by (Fahrtaufnahmen)
Neues von Ben Baumann´s Umbau seines Golf 1 mit R32 Motor und Biturbo. Mehr Details zu aktuell verbauten Teilen folgen in ein paar Tagen. Car: Video: Logo- u. Titeldesign:

This is one hell of a mix, listen to it to the END!! I listened it through my mobile, mp3 player, or on the pc and let me tell it just sounds different on any of them try it, some things you hear on the mobile you wont hear on the pc and backwards. This track is from S.t.a.l.k.e.r.

The Golf 1 GTi story dl2
bbc story of the first hot hatch in the world, The original Golf GTI