1976 Volkswagen V8 Chevrolet Beetle

V8 Chevrolet 1976 Volkswagen Beetle Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2009

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restoration of Mick Hills classic chevy v8 Beetle

ex-Mick Hill Beetle-Chevy at Donington 2015
The famous 1970s Supersaloon VW Beetle-Chevy V8 built and raced by Mick Hill made a return to Donington Park in september 2015 at the CSCC weekend. Now owned by and having been restored by Dave Taylor the 500-bhp monster wowed the crowd as a demonstration in support to the club`s Special Saloon + Modsport series which is the spiritual successor to the championships monster saloons like the Beetle competed in.

beetle chevrolet super saloon goodwood 2009

V8 Beetle Rod Start Up
Beetle Rod is currently for sale on ebay, item number: 190947549262 Some of you wanted a video of it running and the bags going up and down. Here you go... If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to ask or contact me. Thanks. This thing started life as a 1969 VW Beetle; designed in Germany, produced in Mexico and perfected in the USA. I built if for myself; I'm about 6'1 and 200 pounds. There is plenty of room to adjust for a smaller driver but not a lot for a taller driver. The seats are 18" wide and there is room to go a little wider if necessary. The chassis is completely one off, entirely tube and perfectly rigid. The roll cage would most likely protect you in a roll over but was not designed for that purpose. The wheel base is right at 105." Weight distribution is right at 52/48 with me sitting in it. All four wheels and tires are 295/50-15 on 10" wheels. The front axle line has been stretched out (from factory VW) about 8" and the rear about 2." The car rides on 2600 pound bags in the rear and 2500's in the front. Newer shocks all around. A single Viair compressor fills a 1.5 gallon tank which is enough air to get you to ride height without running the compressor. It weighs 2216 lb soaking wet and full of fuel. 2" drop Mustang II spindles and power rack were used in the front along with custom built A-arms for a track width of 73.5." A custom sway bar was fabricated for the front. The rear axle is a GM 10 bolt held in place by a triangulated 4 link. rear track width matches the front. When aired out the whole car is only 44.5" tall. The engine is an aluminum headed and studded Chevrolet 383. 10.5 to 1 forged pistons and forged 6" rods. Roller rockers are 1.6 ratio and the Comp Bad Mother Thumper cam sounds awesome. Gear drive timing set (quiet). Holley double pumper 750 sits on top of a high rise intake. A very conservative estimate is about 420hp. Dirt track style 2" primary headers have been modified to work in the limited space. A removable Exhaust system tones things down a bit for street driving. It comes off with 8 bolts and will make you neighbors very happy ;) The radiator is located in the back and blown by a single 16" electric fan. The cooling system holds about 6 gallons of fluid and it never runs hot. The car will sit at about 120 degrees all day in Florida summer traffic. Jack Daniels coolant reservoir. A built 700R4 with a 2800 stall and Locar shifter put you into gear. 16 gallon beer keg fuel tank with electric pump and dual filters provides plenty of range. Cobra fuel cap on the roof. Four wheel disk brakes are activated via a Wilwood pedal assembly and Wilwood proportioning valve. Twin Kirkey racing seats and RJS 5 point harnesses keep you and your passenger where you're supposed to be. The steering wheel is a piece of art that uses three connecting rods from a BOSS 302 (sorry ford guys) and the forward pinion gear from a mercury out drive. The top has been chopped about 4.5" all around. The windshield opening is 11" tall and I look directly out the center of it when seated. The car retains its factory sunroof which was a very rare option back then I'm told. I haven't put any glass in the car other than the windshield which is Lexan. There are so many details all over this thing that I'm forgetting, you really need to see it to appreciate how unique it is. The car is typically called a rat rod and it definitely has the look but it was designed to be a bit more of a street legal race car. It drives like a way over powered go kart.