Big crash British Rallycross Lydden Hill 2011

Liam Doran suffered a big crash at the start of the A final from the first British Rallycross round at Lydden Hill.

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Brassica - Lydden Circuit
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Tanner Foust Crash in Rallycross 2011 HD!!!!!
Tanner Foust gets in a crash with Mikael Jernberg on the final lap at the finish line. Tanner foust managed to cross the finish line during the crash for a 2nd place win. Filmed and edited by me Devon Dobson. Make sure and check out the entire race on my channel!! This is footage from Last Chance Global Rallycross Championship. Saturday, June 18, 2011 at the Pike's Peak International Raceway in Fountain, Colorado. This was the final race of the circuit, to go on to the X-Games. Eight AWD cars in one race with a 70 foot gap jump (70 feet = 23.3 yards, 21.33 meters) Racers, Cars, Numbers- David Higgins- Subaru STI #75 Brian Deegan- Ford Fiesta #38 Tanner Foust- Ford Fiesta #34 Marcus Gronholm- Ford Fiesta #3 Nathan Conley- STI #116 Rhys Millen- Hyundai Genesis #67 Mikael Jernberg- Skoda Fabia #4 Stephan Verdier- Subaru STI #12

A Lucky Escape At Lydden Hill
An amazing escape for track owner Pat Doran as his restored Ford RS200 bursts spontaneously into flames during a Retro Rallycross/Group B invitation race on the first day of the Autosport World Rallycross Meeting, Saturday 24 May 2014. Comment on the incident - Are the older Group B vehicles equipped with sufficient fire suppression systems to allow them to competitively race as here? Flames some of the fiercest I've seen in some 30yrs of attending motorsport events and the Marshals' first response extinguishers seemed powerless.

Rallycross 2015 Crash Compilation
FIA World Rallycross Championship and Red Bull Global Rallycroos. Merry Christmas to everyone!!