Trade Me - "Thank You" Business Partner Video 2012

Each year, Trade Me hosts a function in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for our business partners to thank them for their work with us. Traditionally, as part of the function, a slideshow presentation thanking them is shown before the main event. This year, our staff decided to do something different -- and put together this short film, dedicated to our business partners (well, that was the idea anyway). A big thanks to everyone involved in the production of the film, and to "Ghost chips creators" Clemenger BBDO for letting us pop this up on YouTube. Video shot, edited and finalized by Craig Bain Song written, recorded & produced by Jeff Hunkin (TM staffer) Rap verses penned by Will Hunkin (TM staffer) Video storyboard, skit script and direction by Arona Shepherd (TM staffer) Shoot day logistics coordinated by Elly Dorn (TM staffer) Produced by Trade Me | ====== Lyrics: [Intro Rap] So we back in the hood wit' the crew again Flowin' off the beat, doin' pushin' through again Got the people sitting in their seats Trade Me Business Partners, the transactions complete So sit back & relax Y'all earned a drink or two Ain't no business tonight, here's what we're gon' do We gon' thank you, thank you It's all about you Got the man, Jeff on the mic Show em' what to Groove to [Chorus] I've been lookin' for a way to break through to the music industry Coz I can sing & harmonize Why you lookin' so surprised It ain't gone so well for me But it's all clear to me now I'mma write the business partner song And it's gonna help my career along! [Rap Verse] Ok, now... back to the verse That was kinda weird That ain't what we rehearsed! Fo' shizzle, my nizzle I was straight up confusizzled (confused) It's the business partner vizzle! (video) Not a song about J Hizzle! (Jeff) So now we got that out the way, let's get back to what the song was tryin' to say! Got the Jobs team workin' on the Job scene wanna say thank you from the whole team Got Property Real Estate Heavyweights Thankin' y'all for continued support for this online space Advertising keepin' it real keep the ads flowin' We acknowledge your contribution and wanna show it Motors workin' like the RPMs Our gratitude to you ain't too far from them And the Top Sellers, bringin' happiness everywhere By providing great service, we wanna show you we care Trust & Safety, we be takin' a break from catchin' bad guys lately To say thank y'all from Trade Me Travel team, whether you be flyin' or ridin' or swimmin' or climbin' or divin', thanks for keepin' all of us smilin' [Jeff interlude] Shhh, huh yo mou baby girl (hush your mouth, baby girl) It's JH I wanna share in your world So look into my eyes, tell me what you see Is it 1? Is it 2? Is it --- [Verse continues] Media, media got the world on lock Wanna say thank y'all with all we got Legal team protect & serve the best deserved Recognize and appreciate your help with work Treat Me based across and right throughout the nation For your support, we givin' you a standing ovation Retail Stores, yeah, y'all are great and what a great site y'all all help to make [Chorus] Been lookin' for a way to break through to the music industry (Come on!) Coz I can sing & harmonize Why you lookin' so surprised (Are you serious!) It ain't gone so well for me But it's all clear to me now I'mma write the business partner song And it's gonna help my career along! [Booming Voice] JEFFREY, MY SON! [Bridge] This was supposed to be the business partner song! But I don't understand & I ain't doin' nothin' wrong We're here to thank the people who have gathered here tonight You want to keep your job? You've got to do it right! Alriiight! It's for the business partners! x2 [Final Chorus] We wanna thank everyone of y'all for being here tonight And we dedicate this song to you Now we gonna show you how it do [Trade Me All Staff] We want to thank you, We want to thank you again from Trade Me We want to thank you, We want to thank you again from Trade Me We want to thank you, We want to thank you again from Trade Me We want to thank you, We want to thank you again from Trade Me [Outro] Yeah... that's it (smash it and bang) Business Partners, 2-0-1-2 (payrise, Jon, McDonald, haha) Thank you very much, Peace out y'all (JH Productions) ======

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24 Hours at Trade Me
Whether you’re browsing during your lunch break, thumbing through your watchlist while on the throne, or finding yourself in a 3am shopping trance, Trade Me is open around the clock and there’s always somebody here to make sure the ship keeps sailing. Join Trade Me’s staffers as they give you a quick behind the scenes tour of the 24/7/365 operation at Trade Me. (p.s. What is a ‘nightwalker’? Our nightwalker team are our overnight customer support team, and they generally work from 10:00pm – 8:00am to make sure our late-night customers can get in touch with us for a yarn.) Check out or visit if you’d like to come and work with us. Everyone you see in this flick are camera-shy Trade Me staff members. Filmed at Trade Me HQ in Wellington. ***

HQ Monaro Unfinished Project For Sale?.mpg
HQ Holden Monaro (Later model front panels) 350 Chev Unfinished project Unfinished Project -- UNREGISTERED -- DEAD PLATES I bought the body shell of this car many years ago, it has no tags on the firewall, but it is a 72 GTS, I used a 308 Belmont I owned as a donor car for it. Needs Panel and paint, (but very little panel and rust repair), It needs a new windscreen Certification and re registering etc... 350 Chev 4 bolt mains, steel crank, forged pistons, Crane cam, Weiand manifold, 780 Holley Pacemaker headers The engine was built by Al's Blower drives (I was going to fit a 671) Reconditioned turbo 400 trans Standard Holden V8 Diff. I have owned this car since i was 18 and always hoped that one day I may have the money to finish it, Now 30 plus years later I still have not got the money to do so. Will consider selling at a fair price $12,500 NZ Message me on facebook if you are interested "The new Google plus youtube commenting system is as ass backwards as F&%K, and i probably now have three google plus accounts and no idea which one is linked to youtube.Search Wacked Cat user name

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