Mac Dizzle Red SRT 4 VS. Bumblebee SRT 4

Mac Dizzle red SRT running Nos Vs Bumblebee with bolt ons running 20 psi on Ported turbo

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Red srt4 Boltons Vs Orange Srt4 Boltons Vs White Srt4 Big Turbo
My red srt=DSP Tune Motor Mounts WideBand Greddy BOV And other little things Oragne Srt= Custom Exhaust @ step dual feature perrin fuel rail 255 pump and other little things White Srt= 50. trim fully built motor but not running right at all...

SRT4 Idle #1
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Bolt ons vs bolt ons

Svt lightning vs Srt-4 neon
Modded neon struggles to pull away from ported lightning,neon claims to have a Boost LEAK.