Nissan Maxima Races an 8 sec Dragster

Ever race an 8 sec dragster? Yeah like I had a chance. My car is sloooowww in this vid, it was well before I got serious with the modding.

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Nissan Maxima Street Burnout
Car wasn't modded much here.. crappy old all seasons, felt like laying down a patch in a remote industrial area. :) PS if you want your tires to last don't do this!

VQ30DEK w/ cams Part 2
Idling at 650 rpm with the Exhaust cutout open.

VQ30DEK w/ cams Part 1
Exhaust cutout is closed, idling about 700 rpm.

Nissan Maxima 12 sec 1/4 mile runs Volume 1
My Maxima running 12 second 1/4 mile passes from a recent test and tune day.