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homemade wooden motor boat

Homemade wooden inboard motor boat being driven at Belews Lake in North Carolina. Boat is made from a variety of wood types and sheathed in aluminum on the curved areas.


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HOMEMADE MINI SPEED BOAT!! Part 1: Build and Tes
Check out the MINI BOAT I designed and built this summer 2010. This video shows fabrication thru the initial test run. Test run is short and low speed because it's cold and I dont have a safety boat

Homemade Boat - Cat Nip
Homemade boat 10' power catamaran

Homemade Boat Motor with Briggs and Straton Engine
Johnson foot plus a pressure washer engine get the boat going again.

homemade lawnmower boat motor
3.5 brigss on an evinrude bottom end from a 5.5 hp motor

is not a racing boat first test for checking the propellen with slow speed

Lenght 1m 10 cm , Height 70cm width 53cm , Weight kg 9 load , kg 12 full load. Engine class 700 12v , Engine thruster 400 speed 7,2v , Smoke Generator, Lighting System, Motorized radar, Water pump extinguishers

Lawnmower Boat
"Bitsa" the lawnmower boat is a testament to the ingenuity of old guys who love boats! "Bitsa" lives in Olga, Washington on Orcas Island. http://www.dashpointpirate.com

25cc supermod engine
r/c boat engine

Lawn mower engine conversion to homemade outboard motor
It went out, It came back, Without the need for a paddle, (though, I did take one) Not real bad. A self made boat motor

Glen-L Pee Wee homemade runabout boat
This is the Glen-L designed Pee Wee that my daughter and I built in the spring of '09. With my 8 year old daughter the boat planes out quickly and rides great. She really has alot of fun and is becoming very confident and a highly skilled skipper. Yes, she passed the boaters safety course. I have less than $600. in wood, bronze fasteners and west system epoxy in building this. It took us about 3 months working in the evenings. I tried a 5 1/2 hp engine at first but the boat had troulble getting on plane. I then found this 1955 Johnson 10 hp at a garage sale for $20. With the 10hp it will even haul me and my 8 year old around at 20 mph, we have a combined weight of 225 lbs. With just my daughter in it the Airguide speedometer reads 25 mph. This is much more fun and safer than a jet ski or pwc.

Andy Lang's, Home Made Surfboard For Scrapheap Challenge First test
Home made Kawasaki ZX9R Surfboard / Jet Ski Andy Lang Testing for the first time Motorized surf board with 135 BHP

Home made chain-drive outboard
I made this out of a used 5-horse Briggs motor, a go-kart clutch, a golf cart wheel hub, and some scrap metal. Basically I needed an outboard for my little aluminum boat, so I used what I could find around the barn. The only thing I had to buy was the used propeller ($7 at a garage sale). According to GPS it pushed my 14 ft. boat and two passengers 6.4 MPH going upstream in the Black River (near Lake Erie).

World's Biggest Aerial R/C Assault - Traxxas Invades Glamis
What happens when you take three of the fastest Traxxas trucks to the the world famous Glamis dunes? Prepare for a high-speed, sand-shredding, aerial assault featuring the Traxxas Rustler VXL, Robby Gordon Dakar Edition Slash, and 65+mph E-Revo Brushless Edition. E-Revo puts on a freestyle show with every back-flip variation imaginable; single, double, and massive triple back-flips! Not to mention the seemingly never ending air time that Rustler VXL and E-Revo have as they soar through the desert air. The Robby Gordon Dakar Edition Slash looks just like the full-size truck that competes in the Dakar Rally as it blasts across the dunes at 60+mph. Powered by high-capacity Traxxas Power Cell 11.1-volt LiPo batteries, the power robbing sand is no match for 11.1-volts (22.2-volts in E-Revo) of high-voltage horsepower. Glamis is the ultimate radio control playground and Traxxas is The Fastest Name in Radio Control! Learn more about these high-performance trucks: E-Revo Brushless Edition - http://bit.ly/1dlTpVz Rustler VXL - http://bit.ly/19eWzv3 Robby Gordon Dakar Edition Slash - http://bit.ly/ZrjbzG Music by: Teknoaxe - www.teknoaxe.com - Glitchhop Intro - Wyatt Earp Doesn't Mess Around - Doing Hard Time

Homemade Pontoon Boat in Namsos
The ship is made from steel, glass and wood. A 4 HP engine gives it the spanking cruise speed of 6 knots. (Hence no crash helmets). The ship did her maiden voyage in the year 2000. Here's a small compilation from a pleasure trip on the Namsenfjord (Norway) some time towards the end of july, 2008. The vessel, a.k.a. the "UFO," is manned by the constructor J. E. Dammerud and his son Martin.


Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2006 Dragster Motorcycle Killacycle Electric: 7.824 @ 168.000
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1973 Plymouth Duster Pump-Gas: 8.528 @ 156.110
Eddie, Engine: 537 KB Wedge, Tires: 33x10.5W

1970 Plymouth Duster : 8.750 @ 0.000
mike, Engine: 478cid B1, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M/T DOT 33/18-15

1971 Plymouth Duster : 9.070 @ 146.480
Bill Casner, Engine: 540, Tires: Pheonix / Moroso

1974 Plymouth Duster 511: 9.880 @ 135.000
Ski, Engine: 511 c.i, Tires: Hoosier

1970 Plymouth Duster : 9.980 @ 130.250
Matt Cadamore, Engine: 408, Tires: 14-32-15 slicks

1971 Plymouth Duster : 10.200 @ 131.100
Nick Pickerell, Engine: 414, Tires: . Hoosier lt.wt. radial

1973 Plymouth Duster : 10.300 @ 126.000
patrick, Engine: 440, Tires: moroso AND m/t

1970 Plymouth Duster Factory DragPac -340-6: 10.730 @ 121.350
Robert J Konopa, Engine: 340 T/A with 2:02 / 1:60, Tires: 26 x 10.0 M/T Drag slicks

1972 Plymouth Duster : 10.980 @ 121.000
Josh, Engine: 344, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: 28x9 MT

1971 Plymouth Duster : 11.070 @ 118.950
JON ALCHIN, Engine: 440, Tires: M/T SLICKS 31X13.5

2002 Honda Super Hawk : 11.090 @ 122.000
vtf rider,

1970 Plymouth Duster : 11.160 @ 123.000
Russell Smith, Engine: 74 Ply 360, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: MT 26x11.50X15 ET Streets

1971 Plymouth Duster : 11.200 @ 120.000
Ed, Engine: 360, Tires: 29x11goodyear slicks

1997 Honda Super Hawk VTR1000F: 11.274 @ 125.180
Steve Rokfalussy,

1970 Plymouth Duster : 11.280 @ 118.000
Art Irwin, Engine: 360 (.40 over), Tires: 30x10.5x15 Hoosier

1970 Plymouth Duster : 11.314 @ 121.300
Bruce, Engine: mopar 440, Tires: radial

1998 Honda Super Hawk VTR1000F: 11.369 @ 119.680
Dave Luzadder Jr, Engine: 996cc V-Twin, Tires: Dunlop D208

1970 Plymouth Duster : 11.380 @ 117.000
dan van, Engine: 340 c.i., Tires: 31x11x15

1992 Plymouth Duster : 11.548 @ 125.570
Brent, Engine: Bone Stock 3.0L 6g72 from 1997 Dodge Caravan, Turbos: PT6765 Tires: 24.5


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