homemade wooden motor boat

Homemade wooden inboard motor boat being driven at Belews Lake in North Carolina. Boat is made from a variety of wood types and sheathed in aluminum on the curved areas.

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Wooden Micro Catamaran - build (2) and first launch
Fitting into the back of a Smart car and light enough for one person to lift, innovative UK woodworker Jeremy Broun prepares his prototype canoe catamaran for an initial launch. Why not check out a preview of the fully detailed and comprehensive e-manual of the completed design at:http://www.jeremybroun.co.uk/woodwork-courses/micro_cat.htm. See the final part:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENibmIh53PM

Plywood electric boat
I'm Paul Elkins of http://www.ElkinsDIY.com I have 50 more interesting projects like this at my web site. Check it out!

How To Build A Boat - TU-9 Tunnel Hull HD
Visit http://www.boatplansideas.com to find useful information on boat plans if you want to start to build a boat. Find articles on wooden boat, classic boat, boat repairs, boat paint and more. This is the build process from start to stage 1 of completion of my high school woodworking project. 9.5 foot tunnel hull boat built within one year at the high school. It is now near completion with a jack plate, steering wheel and throttle as well as a 1956 Evinrude Fastwin 15 horsepower motor. The current motor being run is my 1948 Scott Atwater Firestone 3.6 hp just for initial testing. This is the first time it was ever put in the water and the first time I ran it. Enjoy! See "Showcase" video for final product and interview of its features! Photobucket album of the build process http://s213.photobucket.com/albums/cc222/moviemakerkeith/How%20To%20Build%2 0A%20Boat/

bicycle propellor drive
a simple way to drive a prop from a bicycle crank My apologies for the hideous camera work that so many have noted. I had poisoned myself and didn't realize it with some paint primer that went thru my skin the day before. I would love having help with editing, that's where I can't seem to get things worked out. I only leave it up because so many people are looking at it. For me it is a reminder of a darker time in my life. Functionally it has worked out pretty well, I made a retractable model that I ran in the 2012 Corvallis KSR. This required two milwaukee drives. The gear boxes gave a 4 to one reduction, to this I added 2 to one gears on the chain rings for an 8 to one over all ratio from cranks to prop. It went really well in the water and I aced that race. The single box with a long tail shown in the video is probably better for most applications, I just couldn't get the tail around the 4" tire in the rear. I have videos and stills of this but no time to format it so that it doesn't offend the eye or is redundant or ? I would be happy to provide it if I could get help with the editing. Thanks loveoption9