Longest Motorized bicycle wheelie

Motorized bicycle wheelie

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Motorized bike wheelie (0:40)
This video is me, Dan, and Bruce riding home from school. Dan has a motorized bike that he built, at 40 seconds he does a wheelie. If you enjoyed the video, make sure to like and subscribe! Music: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Revolution_Void/The_Politics_of_Desire/re volution_void_-_07_-_how_exciting

Mongoose beast motorized you can do it trust me
Hulk theme bike

Turbospoke - The Bicycle Exhaust System
Buy here: http://www.speedwaymotors.com/turbospoke,50683.html turbospoke is a complete Exhaust system that fits to any bike and makes it look and sound just like a real dirt bike. turbospoke is based on the old 'baseball-card-in-the-spokes' concept, brought right up to date. The realistic engine sounds are created using long lasting plastic cards, a clever sound chamber and an awesome megaphone Exhaust pipe which really amplifies the sound.

Motorized Husky Tricycle - High Speed Take 1
This is my 2nd video of the bike. After I started it I forgot to change the choke position so it didn't run right. I fix it in the next video.