TBR's Odin - King of all Valkyries

Back in 1997 Two Brothers Racing thought it would be cool to get some real horsepower out of a Honda Valkyrie...so we slapped our Exhaust system and a couple of Superchargers on one. Filmed at LA County Raceway with Kent Kunitsugu doing the riding. Sorry for the poor quality but the raw footage was lost to the passage of time...

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InZane 4. The BEST Valkyrie

Turbo Valkyrie roll on with power wheelie
The front wheel lifts at the top of 1st gear a couple inches, notice the shake of the camera when shifting out of 1st....

Blown Valkyrie Demo
I shot this video to help a fellow Valkyrie rider assess whether his Supercharger is performing correctly. The issue is the expected/normal Boost/vacuum throughout its operating bands. My supercharged Valkyrie is a 2000 Standard model that had its blower installed soon after it was titled. The blower was upgraded to the 2nd generation setup that does not have the J-tube. To complete and improve the performance of the blower bike I fashioned a custom air intake plenum and K&N filter to let the bike breath like it should. I use the Baker Air-Wings to direct cold air to the air intake. I have a Dyna 3000 ignition module with a Hobbs switch to retard the timing when on Boost. Since I have standard pistons and connecting rods I have the Boost dialed in to 7 psi max. This setup has 42K miles on it and it still runs strong and reliably. I love this bike!!!

Supercharged Valkyrie with 2 Brothers Cams and Exhaust.
Supercharged valkyrie