TBR's Odin - King of all Valkyries

Back in 1997 Two Brothers Racing thought it would be cool to get some real horsepower out of a Honda Valkyrie...so we slapped our Exhaust system and a couple of Superchargers on one. Filmed at LA County Raceway with Kent Kunitsugu doing the riding. Sorry for the poor quality but the raw footage was lost to the passage of time...

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Turbo Valkyrie roll on with power wheelie
The front wheel lifts at the top of 1st gear a couple inches, notice the shake of the camera when shifting out of 1st....

Rocket III (2.3) VS. Honda Valkyrie (6 Cylinder)
The two heavyweight champions of the world go head to head in this test drive. Phone Mount for Rocket vs Valkyrie! http://amzn.to/2y1BuEF Click Here for a Chance to Win a Motorcycle https://www.patreon.com/SRKcycles Check out our website: http://www.srkcycles.com/ Follow us on Instagram: SRKCycles Motorcycle Dealer Located in Landisville, Pa. posting awesome videos of all of the bikes we get in! Check out what we have, hear our thoughts and opinions, and leave us a comment with what you think! If you LOVE any of the following: -Bikes -Beards -More Bikes THEN SUBSCRIBE

Supercharged Valkyrie with 2 Brothers Cams and Exhaust.
Supercharged valkyrie