1970 Pontiac GTO exhaust

Buddy of mine put up a sound clip of his Yamaha R6 streetbike, so i thought i'd just 1-up him and upload a clip of my 1970 GTO with it's half assembled Summit Racing Exhaust :) ill be switching it out for a Flowmaster system as soon as i have $500 to burn and a free weekend to install it. it has a temporary 350ci V8 right now while i rebuild the factory 400ci engine, so it WILL be louder in the future. sorry about the camera falling over at the end, that 350 pumps out a lot of Exhaust. knocked it right over at about 3500 rpm

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2005 Pontiac GTO FUN
So my Dad bought a GoPro for Christmas.... Told him I'd make sure it works. So I took it out for some fun and a little cruise around town, finished with a little quarter mile run. Enjoy!

Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum Bum (Audio)
Lord Kitchener (4/18/22 - 2/11/00) is regarded as one of the most internationally famous calypsonians. Sugar Bum Bum is noted as one of the first and best soca song ever. Audrey, where you get that sugar Darling there is nothing sweeter You make me scream, you make me bawl You make me feel like ten foot tall Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum (repeat 3x) Audrey, everytime you wiggle Darling, you put me in trouble You torture me, the way you wine I love to see your fat behind Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum (repeat 3x) Darling, I don't want to lose you Honey, like you give me voodoo Give way me land, give way me car But let no man touch my sugar Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum (repeat 3x) Give me the bum-bum, Audrey Oh oh oh Give me the bum-bum, Audrey Give me the bum-bum, Audrey Honey the bum-bum, Audrey Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum (repeat 3x)

1969 Pontiac GTO Street Machine "JudgeMENTAL"
The 1969 Pontiac GTO Street Machine...JudgeMENTAL...Built as a tribute to the original GTO Judge...Indy Street Rods & Classics had to be careful not to over do it....the original was such a cool car....I believe they nailed it!!..Way cool...Check it out!!! Buy the latest ScottieDTV gear at http://www.etmotorgear.com/category_s/1870.htm Check it out!!

1972 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400
For more info about this restoration go to www.HoggyStyle.com This is 1 of only 4167 cars built. Fully restored 1972 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400. A very rare car because of the UAW strike in 1972. photos of restoration at www.HoggyStyle.com www.Bar-B-Cruise.com