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Honda VFR 800 FI - Remus GP Exhaust (Hi-Mount)

Sorry for the bad quality guys.. Was filmed in a dark, cold garage with a crap camera.......... But you get the idea


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Honda VFR na REMUS'ie
Honda VFR na REMUS'ie

Honda VFR 800 FI interceptor supercharged dyno run 183 hp
Tuning of my Honda VFR 800 FI interceptor at FastBikes in Oslo, Norway. Gixxer & Blade killer :) At least sraight forward...

Delkevic Exhaust on Honda VFR 800 F 2014
Comparison between Honda VFR 800 F 2014 Stock Exhaust and Delkevic Carbon fibre short.

1985 VF500 Test Ride with GoPro #0613
Here is a nice 1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor I am parting out, check my ebay store "sparkingdogg" for these parts. The camera is a GoPro Hero 2 HD with chest mount. Thanks for looking.

HONDA VFR-800 Police Motorcycle
Axixtech Xtreme LED Whelen 100w siren www.autolightxpress.com

Honda VF 750 Turbo adaptado
Modelo 1983 - Adaptación de turbo

Honda VFR800FI with Takkoni exhaust
I bought a Takkoni Exhaust and because there weren't any movies on Youtube for this Exhaust in combination with a Honda VFR800FI I've decided to make one. Hope you enjoy it :). In reallity this Exhaust really sounds great.

Honda vf 750 1982 (engine is VFR AC 24 1989) working on 3 cilinders - dont know why for now
Solved - carb problem. Carbs just needed cleaning - overflow problem on carb/cylinder #1! I will upolad video of carb cleaning - hope this vid and carb cleaning vid will help someone :) Honda VF 750 1982 (engine is VFR AC 24 1989) working on 3 cylinders - For now I did/checked this: 1. New spark plugs, new cables...all 4 cylinders are getting nice strong spark 2. Cold compression on all 4 cylinders is over 11 bars 3. Fuel pipe membrane is damaged, there is fuel leak 4. Cylinder #1 (vacuum connected) is not working (cold Exhaust pipe, disconnecting it (cable) doesnt change anything, engine works the same) 5. There is that strange s s s s s s s sound (air leak???) from around carbs, possibly the one connected on #1 cylinder 6. Carb has gas in that thing under it (dont know how is it called on English) 7. Spark plug was wet, so there is gas in cylinder. 8. I dont know what to do next except running in circles and screaming 9. Here is video of engine running

Honda VFR 400 R Sports Bike Review - With Richard Hammond (2000)
Richard Hammond test drives and reviews the very fast but small 2000 Honda VFR 400 R NC30, and finds out exactly what makes it such a great sports bike perfect for racing.

1999 Honda VFR 800 with a Jardine RT-One Exhaust
My bike is bone stock until I stumbled across this slip-on header on Ebay for 30 bucks, sounds a little more throaty now plus you gotta love that whine of the gear driven cam on this Generation 5 Interceptor....Enjoy!!!

Testvideo | Honda VFR 800 F - 2014 | Action, Sound, Fazit
Kompletten Testbericht lesen: http://www.1000ps.at/testbericht-2359093-Honda_VFR800F Wer die Honda VFR800F im Modellprogramm vermisst hat, kann sich freuen: Ab sofort steht das beliebte Modell wieder in der Preisliste. Der Motor wurde überarbeitet, das Design ist eindeutig gelungen und der Mittelklasse-Sporttourer steht nach wie vor nahezu ohne Konkurrenz da.

WRR34: Riding the 4th Gen Honda VFR 750 - dat sound!!!
Prepare your ears, this is the BEST sounding bike in the series! I could listen to that V4 music all day long. Besides the fantastic engine, the 4th Gen VFR is also one of the most comfortable bikes to ride, whether you are just out for a cruise or heading across the country. Balanced handling makes for ear to ear grins at every apex, while the nacas on the fairings harken back to the VFR's race bike heritage. What a fantastic machine!

Essai Honda VFR 800 F : 28 ans et toujours au top !
Lire l'essai complet de la Honda VFR 800 F : http://www.moto-station.com/article17217-honda-vfr-800-f-2014-la-reine-des- sport-gt-est-de-retour.html Depuis 1986, Honda met le 4 cylindres en V au service de la meilleure routière sportive du marché. Des années de domination, durant lesquelles la Honda VFR a toujours dicté la ligne à suivre et malgré une perte de vitesse de cette famille de moto, Honda a choisi de mettre les bouchées double pour faire évoluer de façon significative la VFR 800 VTEC : système VTEC revu, arrivée du contrôle de traction, ABS évolué, nouvelle partie-cycle...du bel ouvrage !

Honda VFR 800 FI wydech DOMINATOR MOTO GP exhaust sound db killer out
Honda VFR 800 '98-'01r z wydechem dominatora wersja moto gp bez db kilera

Street Triple R chasing - a lesson in cornering from a VFR800
Out for a ride when a Street Triple R went past and gave me a text book demonstartion in cornering. Glad I had the camera rolling, wasn't even going to bring it.

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