Honda VFR 800 FI - Remus GP Exhaust (Hi-Mount)

Sorry for the bad quality guys.. Was filmed in a dark, cold garage with a crap camera.......... But you get the idea

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Remus Grand Prix on Honda VFR 800 FI
Just installed a Remus to my VFR. Love the look and sound !!

Honda VFR800FI with Takkoni exhaust
I bought a Takkoni Exhaust and because there weren't any movies on Youtube for this Exhaust in combination with a Honda VFR800FI I've decided to make one. Hope you enjoy it :). In reallity this Exhaust really sounds great.

1999 Honda VFR 800 with a Jardine RT-One Exhaust
My bike is bone stock until I stumbled across this slip-on header on Ebay for 30 bucks, sounds a little more throaty now plus you gotta love that whine of the gear driven cam on this Generation 5 Interceptor....Enjoy!!!

Honda VFR 800 Fi 2001 Scorpion RED POWER exhaust sound comparison HD
Here's a video of my Honda VFR800Fi-1 (5th generation) sound before and after upgrading to a Scorpion RED POWER muffler. Sound with and without a baffle (dB-killer). Before getting this Exhaust I was looking for a video where I could visualise the looks and hear the sound of Scorpion on a 5th generation VFR. Hopefully some of you will find this useful. P.S. Apologies for the irritating smiley face. P.P.S. A couple of notes on the fitting procedure. I was struggling withputting the link pipe on the pipe coming out of the catalytic converter. The problem was that Scorpion's link pipe was not perfectly round and there were some bits stuck on the inside after the welding process. Eventually I sorted these out with a filer and some sanding paper. Unfortunately, there was no space left for a gasket.