FASTEST AUDI? CM Biturbo Drag Racing

Hey just wanted to share my fast Audi that I race with on my Tablet with you. This is Level 8 quarter mile race Please let me know or not if im the fastest Audi CM Biturbo. I kinda liked the Mobile version prior to the update better sounds also. Aloha and thanks for watching! I'm sure I'm not the fastest Audi but I am trying to be. Anybody know how to Monetiz without getting sued. Hey guys I make other videos too. Check out my channel for more videos I also do Automotive and DIY videos. My channel here I am now a Fullscreen Partner to apply click here

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Drag Racing response video FASTEST AUDI? CM Biturbo Drag Racing
As the title says. For teecchnoboy thanks for watching Please check out my regular channel Download the game here &hl=en I do not own this game only the footage. I am now a Fullscreen Partner to apply click here

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