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Arab Supercars vs The Police
This year has been the 'hottest' yet for Police presence. They seem very focused on targeting the arab number plates. Newspapers are lapping it up. New Exhaust System Coming: http://www.armytrix.com/ SUBSCRIBE 4 DAILY supercar videos! http://bit.ly/SubscribetoSOL Stay Connected: The Supercar Scene Team: http://www.supercarscene.com Twitter: http://bit.ly/SupercarsofLDN Facebook: http://bit.ly/Supercarsoflondon Clothing Brand: http://www.redlineit.com Thanks for watching!

Police Telling Lies (Again)
PC Chris Naughton seems to show signs of being a habitual liar. He doesn't appear to lie just once, but multiple times over a £60 fine. This does look like Racial profiling in action. PC Naughton would probably deny it, but would anybody really believe him. If PC Naughton is willing to tell multiple lies over a £60 fine then what can we expect when he becomes involved in serious crime. NOTE: it is not illegal for the police to tell lies to the public, but this raises the question of "ethical behaviour". Should we trust the police when this is the measure of their professionalism?

Arab CLS 63 Brabus AMG gets Impounded by the Police in London
The latest arab car to get pulled over and impounded in the affluent area of Knightsbridge. After a recent clampdown the police have been more severe to arabs that bring their supercars on holiday with them, and this was the latest car, a Brabus CLS 63 AMG from Abu Dhabi. I am not too sure on the reasons for this but after only a matter of hours in the country the car was taken away from the owner and impounded. Please do comment, like and Subscribe to JBB013 for more!

clamped and no escape
clamped, no problem?