Dodge Dakota Mopar Express 360 V8 Swap

Here is an engine shot of the Dakota... 360 loves the rpm!!!

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Preview: Dodge Dakota V8 Swap
The preview video for my series on swapping a smallblock Chrysler V8 into a first gen 1987-90 Dodge Dakota

Backyard Engine Swap! 200*Degrees
This time on 200*Degrees we swap in a 4.7L V8 from a 99 Jeep into Tyler's 2002 Dodge Dakota because his truck spun a bearing! Thanks to Canada's weather we work in snow, rain, +30 degree heat over the course of a week. We also pretend to challenge Roadkill but fail miserably! Rate comment or subscribe!

90 Dakota 2.5L to 5.2L swap
This is an engine swap I am finishing up of my 1990 Dodge Dakota. I did this video for those who are thinking about or are in the process of the 2.5---5.2 swap as it is a little bit more difficult than the 3.9---5.2. If anyone has any questions about the build feel free to comment or message me directly ill be sure to get back to you. I do not claim any rights to the music in this video or of the Dodge Brand Music: First song: GDFR by Flo Rida ft. Sage the Gemini Second song: Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace Hope You Enjoy The Video!! Be sure to Like and Subscribe

1989 Dakota with Magnum 360, Hughes whiplash cam
Walk around of my 1989 Dakota with the replaced 360 with a hughes whiplash camshaft. Upgrades since previous 2 videos include: -2600 Stall converter with 727 -Hughes whiplash cam (2000-6300, .544" lift) -Holley Blue fuel pump -New 3/8" fuel line from the tank