2009 D1GP Rd.4 Okayama - First Round

Here is Rd.4 from 2009 D1GP Season held at Okayama. Enjoy!!

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D1GP 2015 Round 3 Tsukuba
Top 16 footage of D1GP Round 3 Tsukuba. From now on out I'll be uploading D1GP content in this format. Be sure to visit our D1GP guide on our website http://www.scrapeddd.com/d1gp-2015-guide/ Sorry about the late upload, I was working on getting this new D1GP format. Thanks for watching!!! We do not make any revenue off these videos so please enjoy! http://www.Scrapeddd.com http://www.d1gp.co.jp - For Event http://stereo-type.jp/ - For Thumbnail

D1 GP (2010) Round 4: Okayama
D1 GP (2010) Round 4: Okayama

DRIFT PROFISSIONAL JAPAN NOVA REDE SOCIAL TSU Cadastre-se agora: www.tsu.co/elitemultinivel

D1GP 2015 Round 1 Tokyo | Singles & Tandem Runs
Footage of D1GP 2015 Round 1 Tokyo, thank you MASUDA Channel for the great footage. I mashed together the single runs and tandem runs. Thanks. We do not make any revenue off these videos so please enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/user/ssmasuda46 - Footage http://www.Scrapeddd.com http://www.d1gp.co.jp - For Event http://mfactory3134.blog.fc2.com - For Thumbnail