Removing front subframe bolts on a 2005 Honda Civic Si EP3

Freeing some much needed space so I could put in the ESMM inserts.

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8th Gen Civic Si Subframe Removal Part 3 Clutch Job (K20z3)
Subframe out of my 2007 civic si. One step down, all i have is the transmission to drop. If you have any questions, let me know, and ill do my best to help you. Part 4 will be up next week, thanks for watching! Instagram: Stephen_fuller92

Subframe Failure (In Action) - A Serious Warning!
This is what happens when a subframe is severely rusted.

removing subframe
removing the subframe from a 500 sl to replace the oil pan

Civic EP3 / 7th gen suspension knocking
Here's a common one I come across from time to time. Generally the driver will feel a knocking or rumbling sort of feedback through the steering on uneven roads. Typically the compliance bushings would be first on the checklist, followed by the top mounts and drop links, track rod inners and outters, but I found a few times that the strut itself can be the cause and is often overlooked. Often people will chalk the noise down to the top mount bearing having dried up (and that's common too) but it sounds a little different to this. The easiest way to know is to hold onto the strut while moving it as shown in the video and you'll feel where the bind is inside the strut.