Removing front subframe bolts on a 2005 Honda Civic Si EP3

Freeing some much needed space so I could put in the ESMM inserts.

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How to remove a Civic Transmission 2005
A quick overview of how I removed the transmission from my 2005 Honda Civic LX for a new clutch. Car had 154k on it, the clutch looked like it could have gone another 40 to 50k.

97 civic hatch subframe removal 720p HD
removing the subframe and steering rack from the civic. I thought it would be a lot heavier than it really was. next is to remove the brake lines and replace them before the RHD subframe comes in the mail.

Front Subframe Removal Tips
Not intended to be a step by step DIY, but just showing the general things you encounter when doing this job.

01 Honda Accord Subframe work by PreppyBoys Automotive 216-510-4583 216-510-4583 Located at 4681 Northfield Rd Cleveland Ohio 44128 Subframe of a 2001 Honda Accord completly rusted out. Preppy Boys Automotive 216-510-4583