Removing front subframe bolts on a 2005 Honda Civic Si EP3

Freeing some much needed space so I could put in the ESMM inserts.

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8th Gen Civic Si Subframe Removal Part 3 Clutch Job (K20z3)
Subframe out of my 2007 civic si. One step down, all i have is the transmission to drop. If you have any questions, let me know, and ill do my best to help you. Part 4 will be up next week, thanks for watching! Instagram: Stephen_fuller92

removing subframe
removing the subframe from a 500 sl to replace the oil pan

Front Subframe Removal Tips
Not intended to be a step by step DIY, but just showing the general things you encounter when doing this job.

96 civic front subframe replacement
96 civic front subframe rotted out on the passenger side and was unsafe to drive. The cause, a/c water drain tube drains at the location that is rotted out. A new better condition (old) subframe was sourced and painted, ready to install. The bonus was that the new subframe came with a power steering rack that was in reasonably good condition with no major leaking. Ironically the p/s rack that came out of the car with this rotten subframe sprung a major leak 2 days prior to the scheduled frame swap. No procedures shown in this video but I can attest that it isn't a nice job to do. With the painting it took 2 days including installing new lower control are bushings. Over half that time was getting the old subframe and lca bushings out with ceased bolts and other unexpected road blocks. I really must love this car to do this to it. Because it's worth more as scrap. lol.