Removing front subframe bolts on a 2005 Honda Civic Si EP3

Freeing some much needed space so I could put in the ESMM inserts.

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removing subframe
removing the subframe from a 500 sl to replace the oil pan

8th Gen Civic Si Subframe Removal Part 3 Clutch Job (K20z3)
Subframe out of my 2007 civic si. One step down, all i have is the transmission to drop. If you have any questions, let me know, and ill do my best to help you. Part 4 will be up next week, thanks for watching! Instagram: Stephen_fuller92

Raff's lca and subframe install
my buddy raff came over and we installed his rear subframe brace and lca's. Well he did. I filmed and did fenders and a bmw. music is lil wayne trigger finger.

Front Subframe Removal Tips
Not intended to be a step by step DIY, but just showing the general things you encounter when doing this job.