6,000 hp Jet Car Fires Up with Raw Sound

Half-time show at Houston Motorsports Park to get people to come back to the drags the next night. http://www.houstonmotorsportspark.com/

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"Drag-boats with Raw Sound" Marble Falls Texas 2014 35mins
Lucas Oil Drag-boats at Lakefest in Marble Falls Texas. More about the boats. http://www.lucasoildragboats.com/ Mable Falls Texas http://marblefalls.org/

The Oklahoman 3000hp "World Champion Drag-boat" SDBA
The Oklahoman "World Champion Drag-boat" SDBA Driven by Randy Ball The song is Subatomic Mind by Soundtraxx

"Spirit of Texas" 8000hp 260mph Drag-boat
The Spirit of Texas was at Lakefest in Marble Falls Texas. Spirit is a Top Fuel Hydro with 8000hp and goes 0to260mph in less then 5seconds. More about Spirit here http://www.davidkirklandracing.com/ Lucas Oil Drag Boats http://www.lucasoildragboats.com/ Marble Falls Texas Lakefest http://www.marblefallslakefest.com/ Music (admiralbob77_-_Two_Guitars) http://ccmixter.org/files/admiralbob77/35879

Jet Car with BIG Sound! "Tulsa Heat" at San Antonio Raceway
This was shot at San Antonio Raceway on a Canon 305 with twin shotgun mics.