f23 turbo 15 psi

My 98 Honda Accord.. Built by me, tuned by Reggie from J&J Dyno. Car made 300whp and 270ft lbs of torque @ 14.9 psi on pump gas, 4000 feet above sea level.

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F23 Accord cammed

My turbo accord f23
Driving around in my f23 turbo ;)

the Worlds 1st Twin Turbo Sleeper Honda
Remember the Still Running Honda Sleeper, with almost 300k on the Odometer??? Well Papa's Back, with a Brand New Bag. When will we see test drives? Watch the video for the Answer.

Honda Accord f23 turbo
Holset hx40, 1.3bar, 415hp, 500Nm, bisimoto interior