Corvette vs Porsche 944 s2 scca racing

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STT 5. Onboard: Porsche 944 Spa Francorchamps PG Motorsport Race 2
If you want to see more then please subscribe! After my crash on friday the mechanics repaired the car so i could start on sunday. At the first corner I got hit by the Audi TT RS. Luckily I didn't had any damage to the car to I went on. I tried to follow the Opel Astra, which is basically faster then my 944. After some mistakes and a little bit fear (after my crash on friday) I lost the Astra, but i was still in front of my biggest rival, Franc Kooistra and his 944 S2. When i got lapped in the 4th lap by the leaders the viper hit me. I thought that I had a puncture. This wasn't the case so I moved on. After the safety car was gone I tried to overtake the Opel Astra but in the end I came 4/10 of a second short! Better luck next time. Overall i had a pretty good weekend for my first time at Spa Francorchamps. On to the next one!

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