1987 Iroc 5.7 TPI with T-70 single turbo, megasquirt, 6 psi cruising around with AC on

Having a little bit of fun with the turbo 5.7 Iroc. At the time of this video I've finished the 3" downpipe all the way to the cat (no more leaky Exhaust from the first video). I was testing some heat barrier tape today that I put on the AC system components. Seems to work well, nice cold air all day. I'm putting on a 3" cat back next week so it won't be as quiet in the future but it will be as quiet as I can make it (unfortunately a Flowmaster is on the 3" system but that will change to Magnaflow in the near future) and a Walbro pump and then it's off to the land of 12-15 psi! Just a teaser video from the outside at the end of the video. I didn't want to get in trouble driving crazy so I only took off once and it ended up being too far from the camera. It left black marks and didn't really get anywhere fast but it was fun. I'm working on getting some good outside footage soon. Probably when I get a little more Boost so it's more interesting to see & hear. See the build at http://www.mentalsocket.com/iroc87

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1987 Iroc - turbocharged stock tpi 350 acceleration 55 to 90
Small update on the turbo Iroc status. Still running! My truck is broke again (diesel contamination) so I've been driving the Iroc a lot this week and thought I'd make a quick video. Basically just some 12.5 psi pulls from 55 to 80-90 in drive and overdrive. See my other vids for more info on this car. Car has been running fine other than an oil fouled plug on #7 that I had to replace. Getting ready to start collecting parts to do a forged bottom end and probably AFR 195 heads for the top.


101mm turbo sbc idle
this is the firt start up after changing from the twin turbo set up. i still have a lot of work left but just wnted to get it fired up again

Camaro IROC-Z Putting Down 588rwhp
www.engineeredvictories.com Fall Dyno Day '08 @ Engineered Victories in Davison, MI. A Camaro IROC-Z putting down 588RWHP on the Dyno.