Twin Turbo Mercury Cougar burnout

Twin turbo Mercury Cougar. no joke

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Mercury Cougar 4.6 -no mufflers
Before and After video when I cutted my two mufflers on my Mercury cougar. Straight pipes.

Solo- Crota 1 sword kill on normal
Solo- Easiest way to kill crota with 1 sword.

Bel Air Pro Mod Burnout + Corvette C3 + Mercury Cougar
at an American Car Show in Chur (Switzerland) 2004 '55 Chevy Bel Air Pro Mod Dragster (526cui Keith Black Hemi Engine - ~2200HP - 7.115@190.99)

Destiny: Solo Templar kill-VoG Hard Mode
Templar solo on hard mode. Gt: Johnnyw987