chrysler/jeep 3.7 v6 4.7 v8 valve spring tool

short video of changing a couple of valve springs on early model chrysler 4.7 . i designed this tool for the late model 4.7s with dual spark plugs ,still works on early motors and most 3.7 v6 motors . all valve springs can be changed without removing motor, or raising cab . tool pictured has changed about 30.000 valve springs on 2006 and newer ram 4.7 trucks .if you have ever had a valve spring problem , and used chrysler/miller tool # 8387 , or simular .. you know what a task it is . with a good helper i have changed a full set of springs , with motor in truck in under one hour . on stand about 15 minutes .video is not very good, i will update when i have a new one . chrysler/jeep 4.7 valve spring, seal, lifter, or rocker arm fallen problems ? . thanks for watching now available 314 456 3056....thanks.sorry video is old, and not worth a shit . have new video . new spring tool 3.7 4.7 chrysler , jeep .tool has been refined, and workes PERFECT . i have these tools available on ebay . you can call me at anytime , and i will guide you through it .call , or you can mail me at we are going to do a new video soon that will walk you through the job ! DONT BE SCARED . its a tough job . with the tools its not so tough .

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2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition 4.7L fallen rocker arm. Severe misfire and engine knock.

new spring tool 3.7v6 4.7v8 easy spring/seal/rocker arm replacement
quick video changeing two valve springs on an over head cam v8 .or v6 chrysler , or almost any over head cam motor .new valve spring compressor makes valve springs/seals replacement easy .if you have tryed chrysler/miller tool # r8387, 8426, or 8516a tool for these you know it is almost impossable to do . this tool was made for 2006 and newer chrysler 4.7 v8 over head cam , dual spark plug motors , will also work on older 4.7v8 and 3.7v6 motors.valve springs/seals can be changed in vehicle . this tool will pay for itself with the first single spring replacement ! .i have heard stories about chrysler / jeep dealers charging $ 2500 for a valve spring change !!! when you can do it yourself in a couple of hours . every chrysler/jeep dealer on the planet should own a couple of these ! usa made . if you need one of these call me 314 456 3056 hank.i have tools here,$150.00 free shipping to lower 48 states. and we will ship anywhere.i have these tools available for sale on ebay..also have new injectors siemens deka #04591851aa $100 bucks for a set of 8 shipped , yes i know video sucks .i am a working man , and dont have much extra time , we are going to post another video soon that will be way better.stay tuned e mail at ..thanks for watching.....

How to install and adjust solid lash adjusters in a 4.7 V8 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee/Dodge
In this clip I show you how I achieved a good gap on my solid lash adjusters or also called lifters. This is a method I devised myself and can be done with only feeler gauges and some small spanners. A nice long handle screwdriver is handy also. I did this for a few reasons. I heard the rockers pop off these Power Tech and Magnum engines. This is due to worn out hydraulic lifters and lower oil pressure. This causes the gap to become bigger and the rocker which is not bolted in place but kind of floats in place to fall off. I hope by using High performance springs with a better return rate and solid lash adjusters/lifters this will not happen. As yet none came off yet even redlining it. Secondly for performance. Hydraulic lash adjusters/lifters at higher RPM compress some and this reduces the time the valve opens opening a bit later and it also closes the valve a bit sooner. It also stops the valve open by 100%. Solids dont do this giving better valve controll and that leads to better performance. There are drawbacks to this Aren't there always :-( the gap is very small and any wear opens the gap and will cause a tick. So they require adjusting from time to time. I have done 15,000klm now and there is one with a slight tick nothing bad yet. So hopefully I will find some HO or Performance cams soon and will do the readjustment then. I was offered some HO cams a while back but sadly I was overseas and missed the message. If you enjoyed my clip or found it handy please subscribe and or click like. Regards Rik

04 Jeep 4.7 rocker arms falling off..DIY repair
This is how I fixed my rocker arms from falling off. You can buy new valve lash adjustors (lifters) for around 12 dollars at Autozone. Please Like, share and Subscribe for more random diy videos !!!!