NSU Ro80 Featured on Top Gear 1995

Presented by Quentin Wilson, I'm pretty sure the year was 1995. Ro80 gets a glowing report.

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Mit Stil: NSU RO 80 | Motor mobil
1967 kommt mit dem NSU Ro 80 eine Limousine auf den Markt, die mit ihrer revolutionären aerodynamischen Karosserie und ihrem Design ihrer Zeit weit voraus ist. Einziges Manko: der enorme Verbrauch von bis zu 17 Litern. Aber ein Meilenstein der Automobilgeschichte kann sich so etwas schon mal erlauben. Mehr Autos unter: http://www.dw.de/motormobil

vintage: NSU RO 80 | drive it!
It was Europe's Car of the Year when it was introduced, and a flop with car buyers. But in many respects, the innovative NSU Ro-80 was years ahead of its time.When NSU, traditionally a maker of small cars, introduced the Ro-80 in 1967, the company hoped to establish itself in the market for up-scale mid-sized cars. The Ro-80 was powered by a 1-liter rotary engine that produced 115 hp. It had front-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension, disc-brakes on all four wheels, and a clean and distinctive aerodynamic shape. Unfortunately, the rotary engine initially had major reliability problems and the car was never a success. Even so, its timeless design and many innovations make it a true milestone in automotive history.

Citroen DS - BBC's The Car's The Star with Quentin Wilson.
Quentin Wilson presents an excellent, if short, documentary of the iconic Citroen Ds.

Rotary Engine
This animation provides a basic understanding of how the Rotary Engine is put together and how it works. It was created with 3ds max, Cinema 4D and After Effects. Audio track used in this animation was purchased from APM Music: http://www.apmmusic.com/ Please visit my website for more 3D work: http://www.mattrittman.com/