Kerbal Space Program - 100% Stock Helicopter

MeticulousMitch did his best mad scientist impersonation when he posted this 100% stock Helicopter design to the Kerbal Space Program forums. The key innovation is the design for a bearing which uses aircraft wheels running against the rotating fuel tank in the middle. Genius. Download it here

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Kerbal Space Program - Trebuchet
I mentioned I'd built this in a comment on my Mod list video, so, this really is a short video showing off its, admittedly limited, functionality.

The Smallest And Simplest Plane In Kerbal Space Program
I've flown around with the smallest rocket, here's the smallest plane, 5 parts - but that's without any undercarriage to let it soft land, but most of the time it's possible to bring the pilot back alive. (and before anyone says, I have a 4 part plane I'll be showing off) Kerbal Space Program is and indie game developed by Squad, Download it from

Building an Epic Mun Base (stock) - KSP 1.3.1
Bases are cool and they can be useful in stock KSP as well. Join me as we're building one on the Mun! Also each rocket is an SSTO rocket, I was just too lazy to land all but the first one. Craft file: Patreon: Vidme: Twitch: YouTube: Music by Epidemic Sounds.

KSP - SINGLE LAUNCH Eeloo Artificial Gravity Station! [10000 sub special]
Because you don't want πŸ…±οΈoneless Kerbals. --- Music Credits --- ● Music Promoted by Free Music House ● Song Title: DEgITx - Grim Reaper ● Music Video: ● Label Channel: --- ● Song Title: Extan - Light and Darkness ● Music Video: --- ● Song Title: Lionel Schmitt - Protector Of The Ocean ● Soundcloud: --- ● Music Released and Provided by Tasty ● Song Title: Anzo - Raindance ● Music Video: ● Label Channel: ● Album Download: --- Mods Used --- Scatterer Planetshine Distance Object Enhancer Texture Replacer (With KSPRC Textures) Stock Visual Terrain Environmental Visual Enhancements (Default Configs) CameraTools Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb VOID (For rad/s display) Persistent rotation (The mod that makes artificial gravity stations practical!)