Kerbal Space Program - 100% Stock Helicopter

MeticulousMitch did his best mad scientist impersonation when he posted this 100% stock Helicopter design to the Kerbal Space Program forums. The key innovation is the design for a bearing which uses aircraft wheels running against the rotating fuel tank in the middle. Genius. Download it here

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The Smallest And Simplest Plane In Kerbal Space Program
I've flown around with the smallest rocket, here's the smallest plane, 5 parts - but that's without any undercarriage to let it soft land, but most of the time it's possible to bring the pilot back alive. (and before anyone says, I have a 4 part plane I'll be showing off) Kerbal Space Program is and indie game developed by Squad, Download it from

Kerbal Space Program - Trebuchet
I mentioned I'd built this in a comment on my Mod list video, so, this really is a short video showing off its, admittedly limited, functionality.

Kerbal Space Program - Kerbtown & Kerbin City
I've been watching this mod for a month or so, it lets you place buildings and other static objects into the game. Now a bunch of mod developers are building a city, piece by piece, south of the Kerbal Space Center. -3-Beta-Place-static-buildings-cities-launch-sites-more! ity-Project-phase-A-and-B

Kerbal Space Program - Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts v4.0
I've been using these parts without really showing them off, so I figured I'd make a video just showing the Firespitter aircraft parts. It's a really nice set with properly implemented IVA models. Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts v4.0