Regent's Underground 660Ls

In this one we head underground again beneath a building in Kent St near the town hall. With this job there are four 660L cardboard bins to service, but you can't exactly use the lifter. You'll see the bins are situated in a room off an elevated dock and there's no ramp available to take the bins down to the truck. So the only option is to hand unload, otherwise drop them on the side and push them into the hopper like shown in the video. We also get a different angle showing the packer in action, a quick look at the truck and then a shot at the end of some city nightlife. Hope you enjoy some more action from below the CBD.

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City of Kingston Dept. of Public Works Leach Alpha Truck 11
Monday Trash Collection N. Wilbur Ave and Pine St. Crews "Scooter" and "Shady" feed Truck 11 with trash, some wood, rugs and unwanted toys. Truck 8 can also be seen in action. Truck 8 got a funky route so I don't chase this truck.

World Tower Underground (Bales + 660L)
I took a Friday off work and went out with one of the mates during his Thursday night run. We left the yard at 9pm and did a little loop through Ku-Ring-Gai and Ryde before heading into the Sydney CBD, then tipped off at Visy and finished up at 7am. I was tagging along on a Watts Waste cardboard recycling run which involved a white single axle Heil / Isuzu, previously belonging to PK Management before the company went bust. I'd wanted to do a full night shift for a while and finally got the opportunity, which turned out to be an awesome experience, especially being able to cruise through central Sydney. I love the darkness, flashing lights, quiet streets and roaring trucks when it comes to the night shift, but being in the city is just as awesome with all the high rise residential and commercial buildings. When you go through the CBD at ground level on the main streets you don't see much apart from some 240L bins belonging to small businesses. The back lanes are where a lot of action happens, but the serious deal is found underground, which is something I love about CBD waste collections. This night was the first time I got to go down below the busy streets and madness, with this video giving you a look at the first dock I got to see. There was plenty down there, especially those 1100Ls you get a look at on the left and then the group of 1.5m containers at the end of the first clip. All we were getting down there was a 660L and a single bale, but we threw a few extras on from another spot, so there's some sweet footage of bales getting packed by this little rear loader. We also checked out the bin room which all those loaded 1.5m bins came from - just wish I got a closer look at the compactors they get hooked up to. A Hino rear loader joined us down below during the video too, which tackled all those 1100L bins by utilising the same method shown in one of the other videos I posted of this truck.. Also hearing that Hino thunder through the dock made me wonder what an Acco would sound like :P I saw a few other trucks out and about including two Scania rear loaders belonging to Sita and Cleanaway, then also a handful of smaller trucks belonging to Dimeo, Eco Sense and Veolia. There are so many videos I want to get from the city with a very different setting down in those docks, then all the trucks that pass through intrigue me even more! I hope you guys enjoy this footage, look out for more of this little Isuzu and other Watts Waste machines. One mistake I made on that night was not getting rest beforehand... I ended up being awake for 37 hours before I got to sleep on Friday night! haha

Charlie Chaplin: One A.M.(1916) - Full Official Silent Film -
Charlie Chaplin: One A.M.(1916) - Full Official Silent Film - One A.M. was a unique Charlie Chaplin silent film created for Mutual Film in 1916. It was the first film he starred in alone, except for a brief scene of Albert Austin playing a cab driver. SYNOPSIS Chaplin plays the role of a homeowner coming home late, after too much to drink. He only wants to go to bed, but the inanimate objects around him prevent him. - A REVIEW A short movie directed and written (predominantly) by Charlie Chaplin, One A.M. strikes a chord of familiarity today just as it would have almost a century ago when it was first released. The reason why a lot of people can still identify with this skit is because it's all about a drunken man trying to get himself indoors and away to bed without losing too much dignity. Now I don't want to cast aspersions on a whole planet full of movie viewers but I'm sure that most of us have been in that situation at least once in our lives. Things start off slowly and gently enough but soon pick up pace as Chaplin gets himself caught up on a revolving table, struggles to get up stairs and is confounded by a troublesome bed that just won't go into the right position at the right time (reminiscent, for me, of Chaplin's battle with technology in Modern Times). Fans will love this and newcomers could do a lot worse than giving it a try. It's brief, entertaining and a decent enough introduction to the comedy stylings of a man who would go on to become a towering figure in the land of mirth. - If you enjoyed "Charlie Chaplin: One A.M.(1916) - Full Official Silent Film - " please like, comment and subscribe to CharlieChaplinPlayer, We really appreciate it

1998 White-Volvo/Leach Rear-Loader Garbage Truck! (EX-Quebec City - Full HD)
MY OTHER PAGES! My Facebook: My Flickr Gallery: ---- Something new for the channel in this one, something I never expected to film... A garbage truck? Of all things? Filthy, smelly, garbage truck? I know it's different, but I am a "vehicle enthusiast", so I thought I'd try something new. But not just any other garbage truck, a rare (at least in Quebec) White-Volvo rear-loader from the late 90s, going about its weekly pick-up duties in Montreal-North. For something we take for granted, it seemed like a cool find to me. Enjoy the video!