Regent's Underground 660Ls

In this one we head underground again beneath a building in Kent St near the town hall. With this job there are four 660L cardboard bins to service, but you can't exactly use the lifter. You'll see the bins are situated in a room off an elevated dock and there's no ramp available to take the bins down to the truck. So the only option is to hand unload, otherwise drop them on the side and push them into the hopper like shown in the video. We also get a different angle showing the packer in action, a quick look at the truck and then a shot at the end of some city nightlife. Hope you enjoy some more action from below the CBD.

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Kiama Recycling & Greens
In this video we see two of the MJE MkIV side loaders I came across in 2011 when I crossed through Kiama Municipal Council in search of garbage trucks. It was early on a Thursday morning where I arrived in the town of Gerringong, lined with many pairs of red, yellow and green lidded bins. The first truck I came across was a GenV collecting the garbage, seen in a video I’ve already posted, then I tracked down the recycling truck and found the green waste truck a little later on. Both of the featured side loaders have since left the council works fleet following upgrades, with newer GenVs and I believe a single Superior Pak side loader now doing the rounds in the area. I originally had separate videos of these trucks to post, but I decided to throw them into the same upload. Initially I had more of the greens one to share, but unfortunately morning sunlight created enough of an issue to make me cut out some clips. In future I would like to return to this area to video something of the later model equipment they now run - I also like their unique body colour/signage! Unfortunately, I was years too late to catch the old split bin trucks the council used to run for weekly garbage and recycling =[

Garbage trucks power
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

F4000 Eating Bales
A while back I posted a video of my old Hino rear loader at Watts Waste swallowing some cardboard bales from a shopping centre in Marrickville. We’re back in that same loading dock, except this time we see the pack blade of a Heil Formula 4000 sweep the hopper and pull the blocks of cardboard into the body. The good thing about this truck is that the tailgate and hopper are nice and big to hold the bales, the packer leaves nothing behind due to the wide sweep cycle and the packer won’t jam up on the dense loads. Although sometimes the bales wouldn’t land perfectly longways in the hopper, so you wouldn’t always get that perfect clearout. You will notice a dark green steel “trolley” which hooks onto the lifter teeth on the back like a normal bin would. This object remained onsite and was essential to load the bales, otherwise I’d have to cut the strings and bust my arse loading many handfuls of cardboard into the hopper! It was a pretty straightforward operation; hook the bale lifter on the back, roll the bales onto it, lift them to tip them, cut the ties and pack the stuff through. This video was originally a little longer showing a bit more of the dock, including the compactor and baler itself beside the camera, but I cut all that out. The upload of my old Compaction Systems RL eating bales is still on here for anyone curious to see how it handled. I was in desperate need of a haircut in this video too, I look like a grub haha

Warringah Clean-Up Pt 1 (Truck #123 / Dirty Residents)
I took these videos one Tuesday after school while all the trucks were out trying to get the rest of my area finished. In this video we have truck 123 taking care of a large set-out by some dirty residents - all this rusted, heavy and loose material was scattered all over this nature strip. Then there is another shorter video of this truck servicing a few other piles, a single clip of 046 feeding on some sofas and a metal cabinet, then finally we have a full truck 122 struggling to get one last pile squashed in. Hope you enjoy the four videos, please rate and comment. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 28m JP5 Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Warringah Shire Contractor: United Resource Management (URM) Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste