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Regent's Underground 660Ls

In this one we head underground again beneath a building in Kent St near the town hall. With this job there are four 660L cardboard bins to service, but you can't exactly use the lifter. You'll see the bins are situated in a room off an elevated dock and there's no ramp available to take the bins down to the truck. So the only option is to hand unload, otherwise drop them on the side and push them into the hopper like shown in the video. We also get a different angle showing the packer in action, a quick look at the truck and then a shot at the end of some city nightlife. Hope you enjoy some more action from below the CBD.


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World Tower Underground (Bales + 660L)
I took a Friday off work and went out with one of the mates during his Thursday night run. We left the yard at 9pm and did a little loop through Ku-Ring-Gai and Ryde before heading into the Sydney CBD, then tipped off at Visy and finished up at 7am. I was tagging along on a Watts Waste cardboard recycling run which involved a white single axle Heil / Isuzu, previously belonging to PK Management before the company went bust. I'd wanted to do a full night shift for a while and finally got the opportunity, which turned out to be an awesome experience, especially being able to cruise through central Sydney. I love the darkness, flashing lights, quiet streets and roaring trucks when it comes to the night shift, but being in the city is just as awesome with all the high rise residential and commercial buildings. When you go through the CBD at ground level on the main streets you don't see much apart from some 240L bins belonging to small businesses. The back lanes are where a lot of action happens, but the serious deal is found underground, which is something I love about CBD waste collections. This night was the first time I got to go down below the busy streets and madness, with this video giving you a look at the first dock I got to see. There was plenty down there, especially those 1100Ls you get a look at on the left and then the group of 1.5m containers at the end of the first clip. All we were getting down there was a 660L and a single bale, but we threw a few extras on from another spot, so there's some sweet footage of bales getting packed by this little rear loader. We also checked out the bin room which all those loaded 1.5m bins came from - just wish I got a closer look at the compactors they get hooked up to. A Hino rear loader joined us down below during the video too, which tackled all those 1100L bins by utilising the same method shown in one of the other videos I posted of this truck.. Also hearing that Hino thunder through the dock made me wonder what an Acco would sound like :P I saw a few other trucks out and about including two Scania rear loaders belonging to Sita and Cleanaway, then also a handful of smaller trucks belonging to Dimeo, Eco Sense and Veolia. There are so many videos I want to get from the city with a very different setting down in those docks, then all the trucks that pass through intrigue me even more! I hope you guys enjoy this footage, look out for more of this little Isuzu and other Watts Waste machines. One mistake I made on that night was not getting rest beforehand... I ended up being awake for 37 hours before I got to sleep on Friday night! haha

Watts Waste E-Z Pack
This is an old classic I got to drive sometimes in the past when I was at Watts fulltime. This Freightliner is a 1995 model and was the spare rear loader in one of the former Mosman contracts, so it wasn’t worked constantly, making it last quite a while until it was recently taken off the road. Since working in Mosman it has been the commercial bottles truck (as seen in earlier videos), then used as a spare again and at the end it was used for certain retirement village contracts. Even though this wasn’t the most comfortable truck to drive, it was pretty damn reliable and the engine had balls. Cummins and Allison gearbox combined, it would bullet forward with that distinct roar of power. The old E-Z Pack aka JP6 body was pretty good too, particularly cool with one of the earlier packer designs. I used it a few times while a certain driver was on holidays and rarely when my old paper truck was off the road. One thing which was annoying was the sudden and loud release of air to engage the park brake; made it very hard to be quiet! Also no winch for the steel bins :/ I put this long video together a while back while doing some local jobs on the north shore and northern beaches, some in the daytime and some in the early hours. It includes plenty of bin-lifting and packing throughout, along with some driving shots, with a good uphill climb to conclude the video. Note I took this footage on multiple occasions, so you may notice the growling Exhaust leak is not in all the clips. This was a neat truck to experience, but don’t know if I could go back to it. Hope you enjoy the action of an oldie, it’s worth a watch.

Moving Truck Fun

City of Kingston Dept. of Public Works Leach Alpha Truck 11
Monday Trash Collection Pine St & Saint James St. Crews feed Truck 11 with trash, wood and some toys.

Freight Trains On The Model Railway
Here we see various freight trains passing the camera on my model railway. Featuring: Hornby 67029 + 67005 on MOD Bachmann 70003 on Intermodal Hornby 60074 on Empty Scrap Hornby 60042 on Engineers Bachmann 57301 on Logs Bachmann 20's on Snowplough Bachmann 66532 on Engineers

Pegasus Half Pack Blade
Instead of the typical front-lift action showing a truck just emptying a bin and driving off, I decided to upload something of an important part which is often out of view. This video features a front-lift compactor blade; the wall of steel inside the body which pushes the garbage through and squashes everything up tight and dense. You’ve got the compactor on side loaders and rear loaders, but in the collection field, the real deal is with front loaders in my opinion. You look at the size of the blade, you imagine the tough high strength steel and then you’ve got the muscle from the hydraulic cylinders. Put together makes this wall of steel brutal and a force not to be fucked with. As an operator you notice the amounts of material being loaded into the back and witness the volume reduction which can be achieved, plus you consider the mix of heavy, light, dense and soft materials which are fed into the hopper. The packing function on front-lifts is hardcore and incredibly powerful. In this video we’ve got the half pack blade from a Superior Pak Pegasus front-lift moving forwards and backwards. It’s also dealing with a lighter duty load of paper and cardboard recycling, which is a comparison to the heaviness and bulkiness of an industrial dry waste stream. The first clip is with the camera mounted on a tree branch looking down on the truck, the second view is looking down into the hopper from the rear wind shield and the third shot is the camera sitting atop the cab focused on the hydraulic cylinders. Note in the first clip the body was fully loaded by volume with 6t of material, but there was still plenty of space available for compacting. You will notice it takes multiple pack cycles to properly feed a hopper’s worth with the body loaded past the point it was. When these trucks are empty you only need to run a single cycle, as you’re pushing material back into empty space, whereas you get a fallback situation with a loaded body. I love watching the packers in action, especially the criss-cross hydraulics extending and retracting simultaneously. I really respect the driving force of the cylinders and the intense power they exert on the load. As said above you see the types of materials which get emptied into the hopper and watch the mechanism work hard to push everything through and also compact. It’s most appreciated when the truck is full and you see the blade bounce back from pressure after the hydraulics are relieved of duty. For those of you curious, I was revving up a Scania engine during the packing, which sounds tonnes better in person. Being an older model body you can also run the packer faster with more force through a particular joystick movement, which I do in the video - you may notice the faster and slower speeds. Also something of interest, I’ve been told by a front-lift pro that these half packs can crush a better load than a full pack, even though you only begin to compact once the body fills. It’s something about the single stage cylinder and the constant surge of pressure which impacts the load. I tend to agree.

Heil Rapid Rail--Packer in Action Pt. 3
Hopper stayed full a lot of the time in this one. Makes it better watching...enjoy! Trash footage is available here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb_3oSgwDg0

Holz Spalter - Wood Log Splitter
Hier ein weiterer Ausschnitt aus meinem Film "Stationärmotorentreffen Burkhardtsdorf 2011", das die Bulldogfreunde Erzgebirge alle zwei Jahre veranstalten. Man sieht einen historischen Holzspalter, der seine Arbeit wie am ersten Tag verrichtet. Die Aussteller hatte viel Material angefahren um das Holzspalten vorzuführen. Dank dafür! This is a historic wood log splitter.

2000 Volvo Maxon SL Garbage Truck - Crasher and Packer
This unit is for Sale. Maxon 30 Yard Side Loader (cart tipper) Volvo 275HP Diesel, Allison MD3560P (5 Speed Auto) Fire Suppression System, Dual Drive, Tag Axle, 18,000 FA#, No Rust, Well Maintained, Ex-City Unit, CARB Compliant More photos and information can be found @ http://www.trucksite.com or (916) 927-5000

2 x Cardboard 3m @ Fusion Cruises
This was one of the larger jobs we visited on that Thursday night, taken from a small marina housing a number of cruise ships. There are three to service here, but only two 3m containers were full that night. I was told they throw a mix of materials inside these cardboard bins, including bottles like you'll hear and plastic like you'll see. I hope you enjoy the action... it's cool to see a small truck handling big bins.

Wycombe Trade Waste: Bulk Waste Collection
Well I have just completed another day out on the WTW bank holiday catchup this time with the owner; Chris. We took the older P reg Pheonix 1. This is a video I thought needed its own Title Big thanks to Chris

Waste Management's New Way Volvo FE6 Rear Loader on Commercial Trash Route, 8-18-11
On a late Thursday noon at 12:49pm when I was about to leave the gym to head home, saw this rare old rearload trash pup truck of a New Way rearload body on a rare Volvo FE6 chassis. So as I decided to U-Turn & go after it, caught it on a commercial trash run. For those of you that remembered, this was the same guy that operated on the brand new FreightlinerM2/McNeilus M5 rearloader I caught a year ago on commercial & residential trash route here in Sarasota, FL where I live!!! But, his truck broke down, so he was stuck with this!!! Considering the fact that the pack cycle on this truck was slow, I still felt it was worth the catch since it was the 1st time me seeing a New Way rearloader in action!!!!! This truck I believe is powered by Volvo's D7-235 mid diesel with 235hp backed by an Allison MD3060 automatic transmission. Note: I will still be geting more of these different rearloader pup trucks in action here mainly on commercial trash routes when I get the chance!! & special thanks for him allowing me to get this rare rearload beast in action!!!! Bitterway Productions Copyright (C) 2011

Garbage Truck Packing lots of Garbage Bags
A rear loader squashes a full hopper load of garbage bags with the packer blade.

Veolia Trade Waste Collection
Once again I'm due for a rear loader upload and have noticed it's been a while since I last shared something of a Compaction Systems unit. So I went through what I have available and chose this video! This is another upload based on commercial and industrial collections, or "trade waste" as it is also known, but for a change we have a Veolia truck featured for the first time, at least since that video from ages ago of one of their new Isuzus. Back when I did night shift, sometimes I motivated myself to go out after work into the daytime and video some garbage trucks... instead of sleeping and lazying around at home. On three different Monday mornings I pushed through into daylight hours and detoured to the Manly area, where I joined a mate doing his rear loader run with truck #20359, which may well have worked in the previous City of Sydney contract. Basically all this footage was taken on the beach side of Manly in the loading zone of Henrietta Lane, which was once a popular spot for me videoing the Manly Council trucks. You will see Veolia has some good four-wheeled bin work in this little spot, which includes shops, pubs and hotels... plenty of garbage comes out of here! A fun fact; you can't really service Manly in the middle of the night due to lots of daytime restrictions - quite an inconvenience. I achieved a bit of tripod action around the beginning for some neat recording, but most was handheld videoing. I also edited off most of the slow parts without trying to take away the full experience of the job, but I understand some sections may still get boring... personally I enjoy the last 4mins or so the most. Also a unique sound to this truck compared to what I've heard in the past, not that it doesn't sound good! Cheers to the operator and hope you enjoy!

Cleanaway ACCO Front-Lift
This truck first appeared in my local region for the Saturday run each week when it was still quite new in early 2009. Then eventually it became the permanent truck for the weekdays once a subby finished business with Cleanaway. It collected the first bin in the late afternoon, worked through the evening and into the night, finishing the shifts in the early hours of the following morning. This truck has since moved on from the northern beaches region and now works elsewhere in Sydney. I spent a number of evenings after work following the truck in the car during the first stages of certain shifts. After learning the jobs for each day I went around to the different sites and captured various shots of this awesome front-lift in action. For a number of the jobs I reshot the same video 2-4 times for the best outcome =] The final result was some nice short clips featuring individual jobs and this longer compilation. You get a quick truck-related intro at the beginning and then we're straight into the action, starting off with a neat overhead of a plastic 1.5m being thrown in. I managed to include different light stages too, with some daylight, the sun disappearing and also with the dark night sky overhead. Just wish I didn't touch the zoom in that second action clip. There are plenty of these out there in the Cleanaway scheme; almost guaranteed to find one in every major city. I'd love to drive one of these Superior Pak / Iveco combos one day, especially a Euro 4 model entirely for the diesel thunder :P The previous Cummins engine makes this front-lift quite the loud truck, you can really hear them a mile away! Worthwhile watching the exit shot right at the end, you get a nice growl during the approach and a loud roar for the uphill take-off. The rattling sound which comes along with this unit is a bit annoying, supposed to be an Exhaust leak. Hope you enjoy the action anyway, plenty more to come of this truck, along with another big blue found in Wollongong.

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