Coca Cola Can Engine

Stirling hot air engine made at home with simple tools- 2 coca cola cans, balloon welding rod, steel angle grinder, disc for flywheel, steel wool for displacer, some electrical connectors and fishing line.

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Coca Cola Can engine with V-Tec
Coca Cola Can engine made from 2 coke cans. This is based on the stirling engine, at the start of the video there is a flame underneath which creates the temperature difference needed between hot and cold side, the coke poured in at the end just creates a greater temp difference. कोका कोला सकते इंजन 2 कोक के डिब्बे से बनाया है। इस स्टर्लिंग इंजन पर आधारित है , वीडियो के शुरू में वहाँ एक लौ जो नीचे तापमान गर्म और ठंडे पक्ष के बीच की जरूरत अंतर पैदा करता है , कोक अंत में डाला सिर्फ एक अधिक से अधिक अस्थायी अंतर पैदा करता है। koka kola sakate injan 2 kok ke dibbe se banaaya hai. is starling injan par aadhaarit hai , veediyo ke shuroo mein vahaan ek lau jo neeche taapamaan garm aur thande paksh ke beech kee jaroorat antar paida karata hai , kok ant mein daala sirph ek adhik se adhik asthaayee antar paida karata hai.

Turbospoke - The Bicycle Exhaust System
Buy here:,50683.html turbospoke is a complete Exhaust system that fits to any bike and makes it look and sound just like a real dirt bike. turbospoke is based on the old 'baseball-card-in-the-spokes' concept, brought right up to date. The realistic engine sounds are created using long lasting plastic cards, a clever sound chamber and an awesome megaphone Exhaust pipe which really amplifies the sound.

Flame Gulping Engine
This is a video of the flame gulper engine pictured on the "Models" page of my Engineman website. The fuel is alcohol. It was made from plans in the February 1950 issue of Popular Science. Modifications were made to replace the castings originally specified, as I doubt they were available forty-odd years later. My model has run a lot - whenever visitors drop by and at a few exhibitions.