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Tube chassis F150 prerunner for sale

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12" Lifted Tundra and f150 Prerunner
Which one would you rather drive? This is a size comparison of a 12 inch lifted toyota tundra sitting on 40" tires and a ford f-150 prerunner. The fenders are at the same height even though the ford only has a 4-6 inch lift and 37" tires. Follow me on instagram! @a_bonnstetter

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Prerunner Off Roading in desert - Dirt-Tech F150 Prerunner
Dirt-Tech's F150 Prerunner playing in the Lucerne Desert. This is the same truck that was recently featured in the Feb 2008 issue of "Off Road" Magazine. Filming Location: Lucerne CA Feb 24, 2008 Music: Strung Out "Analog"

offroad truck
Tube chassis F150 prerunner for sale