evo 6 on knockhill, with my pal crashing his evo 4 haha

donkey kong crashing at knockhill hahaha

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Track Day Crashes - A Compilation (HD)
Trackdays can be fun but when they go wrong, they go badly wrong! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the footage, all clips are available publicly on YouTube.

Fire Breathing, Flame Spitting Cosworth
Video taken in 2007 Convoy leaving Newcastle for a cruise at Middlesbrough.

Idiot Orange Civic at Knockhill 20th July 2013
Driver briefing SPECIFICALLY said "No overtaking under braking, No Overtaking on the Right and No overtaking through a corner without consent." This was a trackday, not a race. If it was a race, I`d obviously have moved over and blocked him from being able to pass on the inside. When you move over to let me past, why try diving up the inside under braking ? If I hadn`t realised he was trying to dive up the inside, I`d have turned into him.

Evo crash at Knockhill
Lost it big style