Preview Of The 2012 Kia Soul

Preview Of The 2012 Kia Soul

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2012 Kia Soul ECO, Detailed Walkaround
Sponsored by (Free Digital Coupons), (For Auto Dealers) and (Mobile Advertising). Subscribe to our channel, never miss a video or live webcast. Walkaround of Soul ECO at launch of 2012 Kia Rio 5-Door and Soul. Held in Austin, TX. 10.13.11

2012 Kia Soul ! There are a lot of ordinary things in the world, the Kia Soul is not one of them. It has an original design, loads of room and a price low enough for hamsters (and you know they don't make much coin). Substantially refreshed for 2012, Tom Voelk checks out an Exclaim model at the press launch in Austin Texas.

Road Test: 2012 Kia Soul

2012 KIA Soul 0-60-0 MPH Performance Test
( ) The 2012 KIA Soul with the 2.0L is certainly no hot rod. It's more of a funky and a bit boxy people (or it it hamster) mover? We recently had the chance to put 2012 KIA Soul to the test with our 0-60-0 MPH measure of a car's performance. So how did the Soul do when compared to the other car's that we tested? Just watch this video to find out.