Ford Expedition Straight pipes vs. Mustang GT Flowmaster

My brother just got a new car and i was showin him up. He has flowmaster 40 series w/ X-pipes and mine are straights.

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Supercharged Expedition 1/4 mile pass.
1st pass of the season @ Mason/Dixon Dragway- Hagarstown, MD Best of the day was a 12.61@107.44

2000 Expedition dual straight pipe
Clarification, I am not a redneck, I'm a mechanic, which is probably worse but... I don't care! Someone decided to file a complaint that my truck was too loud. Funny though, my Corvette is still twice as loud but no complaints about it. So I decided a Sawzall could clarify things and I guess it did! The truck has the name Turtle for obvious reasons. It may be old but I doubt I ever sell it. It has a gt500kr 3.73 Traklock rear diff so it burns those cheap tires with ease. It has 4 catalytic converters so anymore complaints and it looses two of them. (:

'97 Ford Expedition, Chevy 1500 and '99 Mustang Exhaust
Me my brother and a friend comparin our Exhaust and burnin gas

2000 Turbo Expedition #3
just a little video from when I bought it to what it looks like now