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hot rodders nightmare

http://www.youtube.com/maceyofgrandbend some people think this is real..lol


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Desert Valley Auto Parts
I got some new pics of a junkyard in Utah and one in Arizona. So enjoy this video. Don´t forget to rate, comment and subscribe ;)

Lamorghini Miura Unearthed | Chasing Classic Cars
Wayne takes a quick pit stop in the Midwest to inspect a rare Lamborghini hidden for years in a decrepit garage. | For more Chasing Classic Cars, visit http://velocity.discovery.com/videos/chasing-classic-cars/#mkcpgn=ytvel1 Subscribe to Velocity! | http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=velocity

Старые авто забирают в утиль-1
8 июня 2011 года. Стоянка автомобилей, идущих на утилизацию, около автосалона "Ока-Лада", город Нижний Новгород.

New Car Crushed
Car with only 8 miles on it gets torn apart by the claw

Old Truck Salvage Yard
They all run

Me and my dad see my dad's old car for the first time in 20 years.
He sold the car over 20+ years ago when he was an alcoholic. Said he probably would have died in it. This is the first time he saw it since he sold it over 20+ years ago. The car does look in relative good shape, we have no idea what has been done with the car over the past 20 years. It obviously wasn't sitting there for 20 years and nobody claims it to be. Pay attention, people. 1964 Buick Rivera. 425 Wildcat V8 w/ 427 horsepower.

Son surprises his dad with a car that he used to own
Son surprises his dad with a 1971 Mach 1 that he used to own Like us on FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeYouTubeVideos1

Cutworm Specialties Scratch Built Hot Rod
I met the Guys at Cutworm Specialties while I was at the Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruize In 2013....All most every piece of this car was made by hand..Very cool Car...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the other awesome videos I shot at this show!! Apparel Provided By: http://www.etmotorgear.com Check them out!!!

Huge Classic Car Junkyard - Wrecked Vintage Muscle Cars
This is a tribute to one of the largest and best classic car junkyards in the world, Bob's Auto Parts in Fostoria, Michigan. At one time this yard had well over 1,200 antique and classic cars.

Best Paint Touch-up Tricks: Mercedes G55
This is one of the worst key scratches I have ever seen. This car needed to be repainted, but I thought I would give it a shot...nothing to lose. It covered 3 separate door panels with varying depth levels. 98% of the 9 feet was through the clear coat, paint, base, and into the substrate. EXTREMELY bad scratch. In this episode, I discuss multiple ways to approach this type of paint damage. I want to be crystal clear: THIS CAR NEEDED TO BE REPAINTED FOR 90-100% satisfaction. My techniques here, with the understanding of the customer, had the best-case final results of 70% to 75% "better or touched-up" appearance. See how it turned out. Thx for watching! -L

I loved this car.
I missed the part where the crane swung it around like a cat toy. It died of camshaft damage. We think it must have had an oil problem. it was like driving an armchair in a shed. It was huge inside. It could swallow my whole PA rig. With the money i spent on the Audi, I could have kept it running!

Circle Line 5- Cincinnati,Ohio Ghost ship. Paddlefest Cincinnati
Kayaking to the Cincinnati Ghost ship. There was an article about the ship in a paddlefest magazine. Abandoned in a cove off the Ohio River, she waits to share her secrets. In 1902, The Phenakite was built as the yacht by the Pusey and Jones Co., Wilmington, Delaware, for J. Rogers Maxwell, a railroad executive. It was launched on 12 April 1902. Mr. Manton B. Metcalf later purchased the vessel and renamed her as the "SACHEM". The US Navy acquired the "SACHEM" from Mr. Metcalf in July 1917 for service during World War I and renamed her as the "USS SACHEM" ("SP-192"). Captain Jake Martin's steam powered party boat "SACHEM" from Pier 9, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY circa 1934. The Pusey and Jones Corporation built her in 1902 for Mr. J. Rogers Maxwell as the steel-hulled luxury yacht "CELT". Mr. Manton B. Metcalf later purchased her and renamed her as the "SACHEM". The US Navy acquired the "SACHEM" from Mr. Metcalf in July 1917 for service during World War I and renamed her as the "USS SACHEM" (SP-192). During her wartime duties, the Navy assigned her to Thomas A. Edison, who conducted experimental ocean communications work during secret cruises to the Caribbean. She later operated as a harbor patrol craft in the Third Naval District until the US Navy returned her to Mr. Metcalf in February 1919. Mr. Metcalf later sold her to Philadelphia banker Roland L. Taylor. In 1932, Mr. Taylor sold her to Captain Jacob 'Jake' Martin and she would become one of many yachts purchased during the Great Depression and converted to a party fishing boat. She made regular trips to the fishing grounds off Atlantic City, NJ. Their advertisements ask you to "See the NY Daily News and NY American newspapers for daily sailings or telephone Sheepshead 3-3985". In 1936, Captain Martin replaced her coal-fired boiler with a 750 HP Fairbanks-Morse diesel engine. While the new diesel was more convenient to operate, her speed dropped to 12 knots (she could make 15 knots when she was steam powered.) The "SACHEM" sailed as a party boat until the start of World War II when the federal government appropriated her (a second time) for the then tidy sum of $65,000. The US Navy again converted her to an armed yacht and used her to patrol the waters off the Florida Keys under the name "PHENAKITE". At the end of the war, the US Navy returned the "SACHEM" to Captain Martin, who promptly sold her to the Circle Line in New York City. She was modified to carry 492 passengers on two decks and renamed the "SIGHTSEER" (she later became the "CIRCLELINE SIGHTSEER" and "CIRCLE LINE V"); and ran sightseeing trips around Manhattan. She was the flagship of the Circle Line fleet and their fastest vessel. At the end of her life, she was stripped of all of her fine mahogany millwork and brass fittings; and was purportedly dismantled in 1984. During her wartime duties, the Navy assigned her to Thomas A. Edison, who conducted experimental communications work while on secret cruises to the Caribbean. She later operated as a harbor patrol craft in the Third Naval District until the US Navy returned her to Mr. Metcalf in February 1919. Mr. Metcalf later sold the vessel to Philadelphia banker Roland L. Taylor, and in 1932, Mr. Taylor sold her to Captain Jacob 'Jake' Martin. She became one of many yachts purchased at low-cost during the Great Depression and converted to a party fishing boat. It is truly amazing that someone had the compulsion to sail the "SACHEM" from New York and put it in their back yard in Kentucky. And utterly astounding that they got this 186-foot long vessel so far up the little creek. The story goes like this... After the Circle Line stopped using the vessel for tours, they stripped her of all useful equipment and timber, and removed the pilothouse for use as a ticket sales kiosk. They donated what was left to the Sea Scouts and she wound up sitting idly at a pier at Weehawken, New Jersey. In 1984, it was thought she was dismantled, but it turned out that this was not the end of the story. The events that took place after that are still unclear, but the vessel was removed from Weehawken and temporary repairs were made. Outfitted with an outboard propulsion unit, the "SACHEM" headed up the Hudson River, traversed the Great Lakes, went through the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, down the Mississippi River and finally up the Ohio River to this Kentucky creek in the late 1980s. The passage took forty days and she has remained there for more than twenty years! The "Queen of the Fleet" in more ways than one, no matter where she went... As a yacht, as a Navy patrol vessel, as a party fishing boat or as a sight-seeing excursion vessel. She was in service for nearly seventy years and during her tenure, she served an estimated 2.9 million passengers, not to mention serving her country during both World Wars.

Old Cars We Didn't Crush
Video showing off a bunch of old cars we did not crush. This is for all the crybabies out there... whinin bout people crushing old cars. You know it is a shame people can't do something with something they own without someone else crying about it. You wanna cry bout saving these old cars??? Do something about it. Go to a salvage yard and buy one.. otherwise shut up. Bunch of fouled mouthed something or anothers!

Hot Rod Builds | S02E04 | Rat Rod Build-Off 1/4
Hot Rod Builds | Season 2 Episode 4 | Rat Rod Build-Off Part 1

1930 Model A - Rat rod/Hot rod roof chop
5" roof chop on my 1930 Ford Model A rat rod, this is my first attempt at an instructive video, I hope you enjoy it :)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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Ryan, Engine: stock 6.1, Supercharger: Novi 1500 Tires: hoosiers

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Robert P, Engine: 6.1L, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: Nitto 305/45/18 Drag Radials

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Illegal Machine, Engine: 6.4L V8,

2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8: 12.720 @ 110.470
Aeroforce, Engine: stock, Tires: stk

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Hemi~C~, Engine: 5.7, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: 245/40/18 BFG Drag Radials

2005 Chrysler 300 C SRT-8 magnaflow: 12.734 @ 110.680

2007 Chrysler 300 SRT-8: 12.777 @ 110.710
Morgan Hall, Engine: 6.1L, Tires: 275/40ZR20 Toyo Proxes 4

2012 Chrysler 300 SRT-8: 12.800 @ 110.880
Illegal Machine, Engine: 392 Hemi,

2007 Chrysler 300 SRT8: 12.808 @ 110.760
Gary Hann, Engine: 6.1, Tires: F1 Supercar

2012 Chrysler 300 SRT-8: 12.990 @ 109.260
Illegal Machine, Engine: 392 Hemi (6.4L), Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: STOCK


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