Ex works vauxhall opel vectra hillclimb

Another video i found on my laptop of 2 ex touring vectras doing a hillclimb event.

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1992 BTCC comparison test - Top Gear.
Tiff Needell compares some of the 1992 front running cars on track.

the Vectra from Hell
This is a Vectra A (1988-1995) which is considered to be the most succesful model Opel have ever made. It had a variety of engines developing power in the range between 57-204 bhp,diesel and petrol, both front wheel drive and 4x4. Opel also made a Coupe version and named it Calibra, which is the single most beautiful coupe in history. The 204 bhp Vectra had a 2 litre turbo petrol engine. The Vectra on this video had that particular engine, but Boosted up to 310 bhp. This car is as fast as Corvette C6 on a drag race. The speed is meassured in KM/H!!! Vectra A - not dead Stratro, mora i tvojata vaka da odi!

Chevrolet Vectra 2000: Comercial "Vento" (Brasil)
Comercial de lançamento do Chevrolet Vectra modelo 2000 no Brasil. Comercial antigo Comerciais Antigos Propaganda antiga Propagandas Antigas TV Brasileira Anos 80 Anos 90 anuncio campanha publicitária de lançamento carro carros automóvel automóveis Brasil Brazil Vintage Car Commercial Ad Advertise Advertising Advertisement Classic TV Spot Pubblitità Publicidad Recklam GM Chevrolet Vectra 2000 Omega Astra Corsa Fiat Marea Linea Tempra VW Volkswagen Polo Gol Parati Santana Quantum Toyota Corolla Honda Civic City Ford Ka Fiesta Focus Mondeo Opel

Ttv racing cavalier st btcc
Afew runs on the RR after a full bareshell rebuild.