Commodore Powerskids at Performance Car Mania 2010

Okay, so this isn't ALL the Commodores but this is definitely the pick of the bunch. There's a good mix of everything here from early Holden V8 models through to turbo sixes and the later Gen-III's. No wonder it's Australia's most popular performance car.

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Performance Car Mania 2013
Scotty's Garage 2000th Video!!! All the crazy action from Performance Car Mania 2013. With three days of cruising, burnouts, powerskids, Dyno and more, it's a great event and this year there were almost500 entrants so it was busy as hell.

SKDKID - Crazy Black VN Calais
Pretty sure this injected VN Calais is packing a centrifugal Supercharger (looks like a reverse mount Procharger) and it certainly has plenty of power. the beauty of centirfugal blowers is they don't heat the intake charge as much and they make more power the higher you rev. Perfect for a burnout car.

Performance Car Mania 2011
Performance Car Mania is quickly becoming the premiere modified car event in Victoria, and it's not hard to see why. The organisers set everything up to maximise the fun for the entrants. And if the entrants are happy then the spectators are as well, because they get to see some of the coolest cars around cutting loose. The new quarter mile strip was an interesting addition and although it was a tad bumpy in places it made for some interesting racing. We've squeezed as much action as we could into a reasonable time frame, but keep your eyes open for planty more vids from this event in the near future.

Powerskids at Performance Car Mania 2012
I know the term confuses our international firends but 'powerskids' was a competition invent by Powercruise. It's taken off at several other events and it involves spinning your tyres in a straight line for as long as you can without using the brakes. Here's the best from the powerskid comp at PCM - the winner was Perry Bullivant in the green twin turbo Torana.