Commodore Powerskids at Performance Car Mania 2010

Okay, so this isn't ALL the Commodores but this is definitely the pick of the bunch. There's a good mix of everything here from early Holden V8 models through to turbo sixes and the later Gen-III's. No wonder it's Australia's most popular performance car.

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Commodore Powerskids at Performance Car Mania 2011
Commodres cop a lot of flak at car events, usually because there are are so many of them, but it just goes to prove that it's Australia's most popular car. Here's a selection of the better Powerskids by the Commodore brigade at Performance Car Mania 2011.

Do You Smell Something Burning? GRUNDY catches fire at Winton PCM2010
Where ever there's a burnout comp you'll find Sam Grande and his big block powered Holden Ute, but this time he tried to burn it to the ground with what looks like a small trans fluid fire. The fire guys were a little mopre switched on this time and got the fire put out quickly.

MODEL A Smokes Out Summernats
Unfortunately you don't get to se this Model A roadster for very long before he smokes himself out but at least he's out there having a go.

WNTDVV VY Commodore Burnout
Lots of revs and very little limiter (until the end) from this angry VY at UBC7. Don't forget to subscribe to Scotty's Garage for more awesome videos.