FULL VERSION VALIANT CHARGER Racer 71 pole position & GROUP Nc SANDOWN HeY ! the VALIANT CHARGER R/T HEMI 6 PACK 40 YEARS on GROUP Nc RACING on pole position at Sandown the video start is the finishing order of the race Michael Hibbert the only road registered Charger takes charge of the pack leading the XU1 toranas falcon XR GT XT GT XW GT XY GT , 2 other Valiant Chargers MustangS & Camaros VOLVO ESCORT even HILLMAN IMP GT

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VH Charger at Targa West Langley Park 2014
3 passes of the 180 hairpin on the Riverside Drive stage.

Valiant Charger
VJ Charger 360/N20 breaks out on 11.2 dial in vs VG Hardtop 360/NA on 12.3 dial in, then solo grudge run 10.81 at 125, then kicked out by fun police.. 1.54 and 1.57 60fts respectively.. Shoulda coulda woulda been 10.7.. Thanks for the vid Jake.

VH Valiant Charger, stroked big block.
Walk around my VH Charger.

Valiant Charger RT Packed To The Rafters
Valiant Charger 1973 Vitamin C for sale @ Edward Lee's Japanese Auto Centre 02 9744 0539 JUST A GOOD OLE GIRL!