Jeep TJ Vs. Geo Metro

4 cyl Jeep racing against V8 powered 4x4 "Geo Metro" at Glamis sand drags

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Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick Tips for adjusting TPS

INSANE Chevy Powered Geo Tracker!!!! 2015 Slammin & Jammin
This is one badass Geo Tracker... You see lots of Nitrous fed, built to the hilt Chevy 350's in a lot of builds at car shows, but I doubt you've ever seen one in a Geo Tracker! This was definitely a show stopper at the 2015 Slammin and Jammin Car Show in Lebanon, TN. I can't thank Curtis enough for letting me shoot this car and for taking the time to talk to me about it. I hope that he's got a lot more great builds in his future. Check out other cars from this show and others on my channel:

death of a metro
a lot of Nitrous on a geo metro on a Dyno

Geo Metro Old Start/Drive - Sitting 6 years
Starting and (sorta) driving a 1993 Geo Metro. Was low on fuel and the gas it had was probably bad.