Moggah's Bmw M5 Turbo 913whp

S38B36 turbo 913Whp /1088nm

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Bmw M5 Turbo 820whp

Bmw M5 turbo Sweden

BMW E30 Turbo 1192HP @ 2.0bar
Time Attack between race driver Mika Salo and owner of the car. Show's concept is that tuners bring their cars to the show and race driver tests it and gives feedback. Owner says it has M5 engine but if it's 2.5, which engine it could possibly be?? Likely it's a mistake. Subtitles are not finished yet. This is not my production!!!

Fendt vs. BMW
Unser Dienstleiter macht mit seinem 820er und seinem BMW 520 blödsinn DAS Auto ist schon längst am Schrottplatz, Abfrackprämie sei Dank !!