Volvo 850 2.3 T5

Well as usual just a quick video of a mates car, this time just for the sound really. Recorded in a 97 Volvo 850 2.3 T5

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Volvo 850 2.3 T5 Turbo 0-100Km/h
Volvo 850 2.3 T5 turbo 0-100Km/h

volvo 850 T5
My volvo in vilnius :) 2.3 T5+chip

on board volvo 850 R btcc vs mercedes 2.3 evo dnrt zandvoort
dnrt sportclass on circuit park zandvoort Netherlands 6-4-13 Volvo 850 t5 driver johan hoogewerff against Mercedes 190 2.3 evo driver wessel van drimmelen

volvo 850 T5 "custom" exhaust....
Lightly modded: koni yellows, lowering spirngs, MBC @ 15psi, BOV and mufflerless Exhaust.. yes there is a ricer deep inside me :)