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BMW X5 E53 V8 4.8is буксует по снегу pirelli scorpion 4,8 is

Testing AWD in german snow with stock 20" and pirelli winter tires.


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X5 show

x5 panta.avi
X5 , panta abrupta.

lada niva vs bmw x5.avi

4.8 Monster - BMW X5 straight pipe exhaust
Check out new video of MIKEs beefy toy 4.8 MONSTER!!! BMW x5 e53 4.8 V8 air Lift v2 autopilot on factory air bags and Qtp Exhaust cut outs. full feature coming soon.

"БМВ" vs "Лексус". Подробности...
Сегодня стали известны подробности страшной аварии, произошедшей накануне на улице Кирова. © NK-TV (http://nk-tv.com)

E70 BMW X5 offroad

Maximum speed and acceleration BMW X5 4.8i E70
Maximum speed and acceleration of BMW X5 4.8i E70

2001 БМВ Х5. Обзор (интерьер, экстерьер).
2001 БМВ Х5. Обзор (интерьер, экстерьер, двигатель). Ccылка Вконтакте на группу http://vk.com/autoreviews Ссылка на мою персональную страничку http://vk.com/id20340317

Garage TV BMW X5 part 2
Garage TV - episode 3 part 2. Tuning of BMW X5. Garage - a new TV project airing on Armenia TV. For photos, videos and information visit our site: http://garagetv.am/. Garage TV on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Garage-TV-Project/135606713156415?ref=ts

2004 BMW X5 4.8is Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Tour, and Short Test Drive
In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 2004 BMW X5 4.8is. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this suv while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. I also take it for a brief test drive and show how it is on the road. A thorough tour/review of this suv designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle. BTW there are many other features of the X5 I was not able to show such, this vehicle is loaded, I will give you the best overview that I can in the time I have. If you want to know more info about this X5, check out their website here http://www.allcityauto.net

Фольксваген Туарег против BMW X5
http://vws-volkswagen.ru информационный портал о ремонте и обслуживании фольксваген

Погоня за BMW X5 Домодедовский район МО.avi
4 мая, в 20:53, на перекрестке улиц Талалихина и Рабочей в городе Домодедово патруль ДПС попытался остановить машину BMW-X5 без номеров. Водитель автомобиля не отреагировал, а только увеличил скорость движения. Во время погони на 45 км Симферопольского шоссе иномарка выехала на полосу встречного движения и врезалась в мотоцикл Suzuki. От столкновения мотоциклист и его пассажир перелетели через капот BMW и упали на проезжую часть. В результате водитель мотоцикла был отправлен в ЦРБ Домодедово, а пассажиру была оказана медицинская помощь на месте. Чтобы остановить нарушителя, инспектор ДПС выстрелил из табельного оружия сначала в воздух, а потом в колесо автомобиля. Однако водителю удалось уйти от преследования в сторону Симферопольского шоссе. По введенному плану Перехват в районе 12 часов ночи,на Каширском шоссе был остановлен эвакуатор, на котором находилась схожая по приметам машина BMW-X5. При осмотре автомобиля были обнаружены следы от пуль. On May, 4th, at 20:53, at a crossroads of streets Talalihina and the Worker in a city of Domodedovo,region on Moscow, the traffic police patrol has tried to stop the car of BMW-X5 without registration number. The driver of the car has not reacted, but only has increased speed of movement. During a pursuit on 45 km of the Simferopol highway the foreign car has left on a strip of oncoming traffic and ran into Suzuki motorcycle. From collision the motorcyclist and its passenger have flown through a cowl of BMW and have fallen on проезжую a part. As a result the driver of a motorcycle has been sent in ЦРБ Domodedovo, and medical aid on a place has been rendered the passenger. To stop the infringer, the inspector of traffic police has shot from a government-issue weapon at first at air, and then in a car wheel. However the driver managed to leave from prosecution towards the Simferopol highway. By the entered plan Interception around 12 o'clock in the morning, on Kashirsky highway has been stopped the wrecker on which there was a car of BMW-X5 similar on signs. At car survey traces from bullets have been found out.

The Best Burnout EVER!!!!
$300.00 special catching HELL!!! At the 2011 Burnout party!!! This vehicle was bought to finish the show with a bang!! This was done in front of the house on a PRIVATE road and IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE A BURNOUT DON'T CLICK THIS LINK!!! And don't ask WHY?? If you want to see pics of the road after the burnout go to my channel click on website!!!

BMW X5 E53 V8 4.8is X5M / Mercedes Benz ML 320 W163 snow winter

barnwell jeep crawl
crawling in texas

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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