LEGO Big Block V8 INSTRUCTIONS by: Legomaniacman

Here is the instructions to make a Big Block V8 using the LEGO Technic V8 engine. It isn't exactly like the other Big Block I made, but its the same technique. Hope many of you can build this engine. The Technic V8 engine is necessary to make this model. Sorry about the video at the end being smaller than normal. My new camera shoots in MPEG4 and had to convert it for movie maker to recognize it.

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Lego RB26 Engine by Solde
Nissan Skyline Engine RB26 Bi-turbo Lego Technic

LEGO Supercharged V8 Muscle Car with 4 speed transmission. By Legomanaicman
Check out the stock version of my muscle car here: and pictures of the supercharged version here: I made some engines with transmissions in the past. Now I put those in a LEGO car :) My own design muscle car with a motorized technic V8 engine with Supercharger powering a 4 speed transmission. No worn out or destroyed gears in making this.

Blowing up the Lego inline 4 TURBO diesel
The crankshaft went :p

LEGO Power Functions Dump Truck and Conveyor Belt
Here's a Power Functions Dump Truck. My RC vehicles are getting better and stronger. With the LEGO Servo Motor, I was able have a better steering system and less parts. Uses just one XL motor with 1:1 gear drive m-motor for linear actuated dump bed. Conveyor belt is driven by one m-motor. The loading function didn't work and jammed up the system 99.9% of the time :P So I loaded bricks by hand onto the belt. See more pictures on my MOCpages.