LEGO Big Block V8 INSTRUCTIONS by: Legomaniacman

Here is the instructions to make a Big Block V8 using the LEGO Technic V8 engine. It isn't exactly like the other Big Block I made, but its the same technique. Hope many of you can build this engine. The Technic V8 engine is necessary to make this model. Sorry about the video at the end being smaller than normal. My new camera shoots in MPEG4 and had to convert it for movie maker to recognize it.

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LEGO Chevy big block with 4 speed transmission
here is my mini v-8 engine made to look like a Chevy big block engine. A model of course. It even has a Supercharger driven by the engine. It has lots of detail, even spark plug wires! Has a 4-speed H shift. The transmission is a modified one made by Sariel. I switched the gears to get a larger ratio. Tried to keep it as small as possible. It is the same size as the engine, which isn't realistic but close as it can get.

Lego V8 Engine
This scale model V8 engine was made entirely out of Legos. The design was created by Youtuber barebos. Here is his original video: His channel: Part List: Pictures and instructions:

Super-small V8 Lego pneumatic engine (small cylinder)
This is propably the smallest lego V8 pneumatic engine ever possible to build. If you can build a smaller engine, let me know:) Switches were modified but not drilled.

LEGO Turbocharger
This is a simple LEGO turbo I made in just about an hour, I couldn't find anyone else that made a lego one for inspiration. I didnt make the wastegate that is on a turbo though. This is just for show, my engines dont produce enough air from the Exhaust to move anything and the gears cant produce wind power.